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Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits- Self Isolation/Quarantine

Brothers & Sisters, This E.I notice (below) is specifically for those that have been told to Self-Isolate by the Ford Motor Company or told to Self-Isolate/quarantine for 14 days by the Government when they returned to Canada. For those in self-isolation or quarantine (as indicated above) for the work week

President’s Message- March 20th, 2020

Brothers & Sisters, As the pandemic in North America, specifically in Ontario, is rapidly changing, our federal and provincial governments are quickly putting in new measures and policies to protect the public. During these uncertain and unprecedented times, people everywhere are desperate for answers, your Local leadership recognizes that our

GSC Statement- On Out of Province Emergency Medical Travel Insurance due to latest Government of Canada Travel Advisory

Government of Canada-An official global travel advisory is in effect: Avoid non-essential travel outside Canada until further notice (See attached Government of Canada Website) GSC Statement- As a result of Government Travel advisory (please see attached link below for the GSC Statement on their website) Quick and Important Highlights

Vice Chairperson of Ford Council Report- March 2020

Brothers and Sisters, As the Vice Chairperson of the Ford Master Bargaining Committee I believe it is important to keep the membership up to date with where we are at in the  process of preparing for bargaining.  I have heard some rumors on the floor so I hope this update

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Unifor NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool

This year has been an incredibly tough year for our National Recreation Council. With the restrictions in place due to the ongoing pandemic, many of the activities we would normally organize have been placed on the backburner. To start 2021, we have organized a Unifor NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool that

EI Regular Benefits – January 3, 2021 – January 17, 2021

Employment Insurance (EI) Regular Benefits December 31,2020 Please follow these basic guidelines to help ensure your EI application goes smoothly.  The Reference code provided will be active January 3rd, 2021 and not before. Here is a checklist to assist you Make an ONLINE application for Regular benefits on the Service