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October- December Unifor Local 707 Reporter

January 2, 2019 • Featured, News/Events

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Chassis »

Chassis Committee Person Report – Update December 2018


Brothers and Sisters, Overtime Saturday December 15th production in chassis has been cancelled.  This is due to the plant not being able to fill the requirements to run a production shift.  The amount of overtime that the company has been canvassing for is staggering.  The company is still moving ahead with weekend production on December… Read More ›

Paint/MPL/BAMR/IQ/Pre-Delivery Update »

Paint/MPL/BAMR/IQ/Pre-Delivery -Committee Person Report, November 2018

Unifor Local 707

Being my first report, I would like to thank my stewards and alternates Paul Babineau, Jason Delbuono, Steve Gebel, Jason Hunter, Scott Simpson, Ken Wuilleme, Rob Panunto, Tobin Izatt, Kyle Murchison and Joe Schwieg for their hard work and dedication to this membership. Paint The rebalance letter is finally done with a couple of disputes… Read More ›

Unifor National »

USMCA Updates


Unifor’s view “The USMCA has many, many flaws that must be addressed but the negative aspects cannot not be viewed in isolation. While there are areas of legitimate concern, the USMCA is an improvement over the original NAFTA with quantifiable gains for workers. We must take these advances and continue pressing for more progressive trade… Read More ›

Body Shop Update »

Body Committee Person Report – November 2018

Delayed Rebalance Canvass: Although the 100-day letter closed out on September 30th, 2018, there has been a delay in the open job canvass for displaced members due to job reductions. This delay is caused by two un-resolved job disputes in Body 2, the Rail Cap and Header Load jobs. We are hoping to close out… Read More ›

Vice President »

Vice Presidents Report November 3, 2018

At this time, I feel it prudent to clarify articles in Appendix R of our Collective Agreement. The History of the Conditional Drug Formula September 22, 1996-the former CAW (now known as Unifor) Ratified an Agreement with Chrysler Canada that was later patterned with General Motors and then with Ford Motor Company on November 11,… Read More ›