Lay-off Resources & Information

Message from the Local President
Lay-off Resources and Information

Your Local Union leadership recognizes the importance of having accurate information and resources available to the membership. Which is why we have designated this section of our site for Lay-off resources and information.

Since the extended downtime announcement on April 4th your National Union, Local and Ford Council continue to explore ways to lessen the impact of this extended retool and lay-off period.
This section will be updated frequently with accurate information as it becomes available, which will allow our membership to remain engaged and plan accordingly.

Income Security Information and Applications (EI/SUB/IMP)

Employment Insurance (EI)

Service Canada: 1-800- 206-7218 Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

EI website for applications and filing reports – click here

EI Application

EI Reporting Guidelines

EI Information – Rights and Responsibilities

  • Service Canada – EI information – click here
  • Suitable Employment and Reasonable job Search – click here
  • While Receiving EI- Rights and Responsibilities – click here

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB) / Income Maintenance Benefit Plan (IMP)

Reimbursement for Employment Insurance Clawbacks

  • You may claim for Re-imbursement for any 2024 Employment Insurance Clawback after April 1, 2025. Re-imbursement for E.I. Clawback monies are not considered earnings; therefore, you not claim these monies as earnings when you are doing your Service Canada Bi-weekly Employment Insurance reports.

Health Care Insurance and Group Life and Disability Insurance Forms & Information


Green Shield Canada (GSC)

Phone: Toll free 1-888-711-1119
GSC Health Care forms
GSC Scholarship & Childcare applications and information


Canada Life – Sickness and Accident & Extended Disability Benefits

Contact: Bisi Ale
Telephone: 905-845-2511 Ext # 3357
Fax:  905-845-6827
S&A while on lay-off & returning to available work
S&A applications and Supplementary reports


Ford – Benefit Enrollment and Change forms.

Health Enrollment forms


Health Care Insurance and Group Life Disability Insurance

Health Care, Group Life and Disability Insurance coverage -Contributions duration by company and coverage


Optional Life Insurance plan

Premium payments during Lay-off: Ford Optional Life Insurance premiums are deducted from SUB payments. If you are not in receipt of SUB payments, you may continue premium payments through a monthly pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement for the maximum number of months entitled. If you require a PAD agreement, contact a Company Benefit Reps, who can provide and administer, accordingly.

Unifor Legal Services

Oakville Address:
Suite 406- 700 Dorval Drive
Oakville, ON L6K 3V3
Telephone: 905-842-3101
Toll Free: 1-800-465-9701

Unifor Legal Service Coverage will continue for any employee with at least 1-year seniority, however that eligibility ceases for any such Employee who has been continuously laid off for a period exceeding eighteen (18) months after the month in which such Employee’s layoff began.


Information to be provided at a later date

Community Services & Resources

Quickly and confidentially connects people to social, community, health and government services across the province and will help you find resources available in your area.

Dial 2-1-1
Call: 1-877-330-3213 or TTY 1-855-405-7446, Text: 2-1-1