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Presidents Update- August 29, 2019

Brothers and Sisters: As previously reported the Ford Motor Company has moved ahead notifying our 50 most junior members of an indefinite layoff starting this weekend. Last day worked for these members will be Thursday August 29, 2019. I am happy to report we have been able to negotiate some preferential hiring opportunities for some… Read More ›

Presidents Message- August 19, 2019

Brothers and Sisters: It is with great sadness that I must report today Ford Motor Company has notified us tomorrow they will be handing out the first 50 notifications of indefinite layoffs effective September 2nd 2019. We as a local union have been doing everything possible to try and stave off these notifications but the… Read More ›

President’s Update- August 15, 2019

Brothers and Sisters: Just an FYI; Plant Manager Ron Prahin has notified us that Assistant Plant Manager Joe Closurdo has been reassigned to an assembly plant in the U.S. and his replacement will be John Shiu. The transition will take place over the next couple of weeks. John has spent a considerable amount of time… Read More ›

President’s Update- August 12th 2019

Sisters and Brothers: One week into the cancellation of the #1 shift in paint and things are a mess to say the least. As we suspected this decision by Ford Motor Company is certainly disrupting the day to day operations. Unfortunately, when the company makes decisions like this, it’s the membership that takes the brunt… Read More ›

President’s Update- July 26, 2019

Brothers and Sisters: Here is a quick update on the events that have occurred since Ford Motor Company announced the down turn coming at OAC. The company has now started the task of eliminating the Number 1 Shift in Paint Department and they are currently canvassing available openings. Unfortunately, when the company imposes situations such… Read More ›

Chassis Committee Person Report

Brothers and Sisters, Receiving the news that starting in August, Oakville Assembly Plant will be losing the #1 shift in the Paint Shop and there will be the loss of many relief jobs in the Final Assembly area is concerning and infuriating.  There are many questions our members rightfully need answers to.  Since the announcement,… Read More ›

President’s Message- Plant Update – July 17th, 2019

Presidents Message: Brothers and Sisters; On Wednesday July 17th Brother Bob Scott and I were called to the plant manager’s office to discuss upcoming scheduling changes the company is implementing at OAC. The company notified us that due to cost expenses and slowing sales, the following major scheduled restructuring plans will be administered; Starting August… Read More ›

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Unifor Local 707 Picnic Prize Winners- June 22 2019