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Chassis Committee person report-April 2019

Brothers and Sisters, On February 14th John Savon the Vice President of North American Manufacturing was in the Plant.  Dave Thomas, Mark Luey and myself had an opportunity to meet with John to discuss the current state and future state of the Ford Oakville Assembly Plant.  Among the topics discussed was the challenges that the… Read More ›

PEL Schedule June-August 2019 (revised March 25, 2019)

Click the link for the updated Port Elgin Family Education Centre course schedule. PEL Schedule – June – Aug 2019

Stop Fords attack on Health Care

Unifor National Union & Regional Council Scholarships


Skilled Trades Chairperson’s Report- February 2019

Brothers and Sisters, Apprenticeships At long last the successful candidates for the Ford-Unifor apprenticeship program have been selected and contacted by the Company. The successful candidates will start March 4, 2019 in their selected trade. They will be in orientation training for up to six weeks and then will be assigned to their shift rotation… Read More ›

Chassis Committee Person Report-February 2019

Brothers and Sisters, Company A&L Policy The Company on February 12th posted a new A&L policy that will take effect on February 15th.  To be clear this change to the A&L policy was not a joint decision between the Union and the Company.  The Company made the changes to their A&L policy based on the… Read More ›

Presidents Message – February 1, 2019

Plant Update: Brothers and Sisters: FYI the plant was sent home on Tuesday of this past week due to parts shortages. There was major labour unrest in Mexico which resulted in a shortage of parts being shipped to OAC. As of now we as a union have been notified that we have parts to continue… Read More ›

Summer Shutdown Notification

Keeping Your House in Order

Brother and Sisters Keeping Your House in Order: Over the past couple of years, I have lost some close and personal friends unexpectedly. These friends were Ford workers and Local 707 members who unfortunately did not have their House in complete order. For some of us over the course of our working life here at… Read More ›

Presidents Message

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