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Local 707 Proposed By-Law Change

BY-LAWS OF  UNIFOR LOCAL 707 December 2018-Proposed Amendment THE NEW PROPOSED, MOVED AMENDMENT IS AS FOLLOWS; Article 6-Election Procedure-Bargaining Unit #1-Section 10 a) NEW  ii) No member who intends to be a candidate in any Tri Annual or By-Election shall function as a member of the Election Committee during Nominations or Withdrawals.

Paint, Quality Control, Incoming Quality and Material Handling report December 15 2018

Merry Christmas to all, All canvasses across Paint and MP&L have finally been finalized after the last re-balance; all members have or will be placed on their new jobs. Quality Control (QC) continues to fill openings through the postings and Incoming Quality (IQ) is fully staffed with the new SAP’s. In MP&L we are finalizing… Read More ›