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Hospital Coverage: Get the message out to Retirees and active members:

As of late I have spoken to many Retirees and Surviving Spouses who wereunaware of this fact, despite previous mailings that were sent by the Ford Motor Company in 2010 and several 707 Reporter articles written along the way ever since. I will once again post this message in the fall edition of

Travel Questions?

The official Government of Canada travel advisory (issued March 13, 2020), says to avoid non-essential travel outside of Canada until further notice. What does this mean for my travel coverage if I still choose to travel for non-essential/leisure purposes?  While we continue to view the Government advisory as the primary

2012 Collective Agreement

DC- Pension Plan to CAAT Transition Update

June 25, 2021 To:     Unifor members at the Detroit 3 From: Unifor Detroit 3 Chairs and Auto Director Re: DC pension plan to CAAT transition update As part of 2020 master negotiations, Unifor and the Detroit 3 auto companies in good faith agreed to explore transferring current and future Defined

President’s Message – OAC Returns to work Monday June 28, 2021

The company has announced that production at the Oakville Assembly Complex will resume on Monday, June 28, 2021. Today or tomorrow they will be making robo-calls, indicating our return to work and start times. Departmental, shift scheduled start times and tentative hours of work for the week beginning Monday June 28, 2021 are

Unifor Local 707

Body Build Report – June 23, 2021

Brothers & Sisters, I hope this report finds everyone healthy and safe. Since the pandemic our members have dealt with 26 weeks down time and the stress associated with the added restrictions / protocols. Although these times have been difficult for many of our members and loved ones. It has


June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day. This year marks the 25th anniversary of National Indigenous Peoples Day. Together we should take the opportunity to recognize their trials and tribulations and learn more about the culture and diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Metis People by taking part in the

Protect Canadian Pensioners – Support Bill C-253

Dear Retiree & Activist.  Urging you all to act now as we have in the past and continue our fight for pension improvements and more importantly pension protection… In the 43rd Parliament Bill C-253, which seeks to protect retirees and former workers in the event of corporate bankruptcy.  In the


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Saturday October 16, 2021 Unifor Members in Oakville (707) and Windsor (200) today ratified the new 3 year Collective Bargaining Agreement that is now set to finish on October 13, 2024. Workers voted 80% in favour of accepting the agreement overall and 83% in favour in Oakville. Details have been

Local 707 Meetings/ Reopening Ontario Act

Brothers and Sisters, The fulltime Local 707 Executive officers continue to best protect the health and safety of our staff, membership, retirees and all those that enter the Galaxy Local 707 Union Hall. Accordingly, we are following the required Reopening Ontario Act and Local Public Health Guidelines, as we have

Local 707 Master Committee- Message -October 14th 2021

Brothers and Sisters, Today, with limited notification the Ford Motor Company of Canada has informed its employees and Unifor Local Union members that they will be requiring COVID- vaccinations. Currently the company has provided limited details on their new policy, on such issues as, but not limited to privacy, timelines