UNIFOR LOCAL 707 OAC (Ford Unit) MEMBERS-Important: Short Work Week & Employment Insurance Information

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Tips for Reporting the Friday, September 3, 2021 Labour Day Friday Holiday Pay

REPORTING FOR THE WEEK OF August 29th – September 4th, 2021 (PP36)

Short Work Week Benefits

If you either received an Automatic Short Week Benefit or had forty (40) or more Compensated or Available Hours in PP35 (August 22-28, 2021) and had earnings on Friday, August 27, 2021, including 8 hours worked, EAA or Short Work Week (SWW) then you should receive Short Work Week for PP36 (August 29-Sept 4, 2021). Therefore, you will report 40 hours worked for PP36 to EI. 

* No employee shall be eligible for SWW unless he/she had (3) years seniority as of the last day of the week.

Note: For those that are eligible for SWW, you would also qualify If you worked the week beginning Monday August 30 through -September 3rd 2021.

Employment Insurance & Supplemental Unemployment Benefits

If you had no earnings for Friday, August 27, 2021 and you are either not eligible for SWW or do not meet the requirements to qualify for the Holiday Pay September 3, 2021, (this could include those members returning from a Sick and Accident claim during PP36) then you may wish to apply for EI benefit as this week (August 29-Sept 4) as this is a layoff week for E.I and Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) purposes.

Below is the Reference Code for those members who do not qualify for SWW and/or do not have an active Employment Insurance claim.

NOTE: If your EI claim is not active but you will be receiving payment for this week, it is not necessary to re-activate your claim at this time. 


If you have recently been recalled from indefinite layoff and had worked for another employer prior to your recall, you need to obtain and send a Record of Employment (ROE) or ensure an ROE has been sent to Service Canada from that employer.  You may be entitled to EI benefit if you have enough qualifying hours worked.

Please also note that Members may experience a delay in payment for reports submitted between September 1st and September 6th due to the Labour Day Holiday. Please do not be alarmed by a small delay from Service Canada.

Paul Ivey

Unifor Benefit Representative

Local 707