Unifor Local 707 Plant Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of Ford Council -EV Transition Update for Oakville

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Brothers and Sisters,

Since the announcement of the Oakville Assembly Plant retool period being extended, the union leadership have continued to explore ways to lessen the impact on your pay and job security for this extended downtime – building on the protections negotiated with Ford in our 2023 collective agreement.  We have met with the company on a regular ongoing basis.  Although conversations and negotiations have been challenging, progress is being made.  A final resolve has not yet been agreed to, however, because of our ongoing discussions the re-canvass for the retirement incentive was initiated and the preferential hire employment opportunity at Windsor for those interested on a one-for-one basis is underway. 

Extended EV transition provisions will not replace the ability to come into work and build world class quality vehicles and earn a full pay cheque. As a result, the Union, both National and Local are continuing to explore our options and seeking opportunities to shorten the retool timeline.  Discussions with not only the Ford Motor Company, but also with multiple levels of the government are ongoing.

Many of our members continue to have concerns about the future of Ford in Oakville, the Oakville Electric Vehicle Complex remains a key part of Ford Motor Company’s future EV and battery production plans. My discussions continue with the Oakville management group regarding ways that the plant can share the retool progress throughout the demolition and construction phases.  Once the details are ironed out, we will be sure to share, as I think it is important that our members see the evolution and transformation of their workplace. 

As the last Edge rolled off the Oakville assembly line on May 3, 2024, there were understandably mix emotions from our members.  Thank you to all Unifor Local 707 members past and present who built our Ford Edge with pride.  To the members who have decided to retire, and there are many, congratulations on your well-earned and well-deserved retirement.  On behalf of myself and the entire Unifor Leadership we wish you all the best as you move onto the next chapter in your life. 

In Solidarity,

Marc Brennan 

Ford Council Vice Chairperson 

OAC Plant Chairperson, Unifor Local 707

Office Phone # (905)845-2511 ext # 3350 | Company Cell # (289)681-7654 Union Cell # (905)407-0475

Union Email: mbrennan@uniforlocal707.ca | Company Email: mbrenn10@ford.com