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President’s Message-Production Shutdown effective Monday May 31st 2021

Brothers & Sisters, Ford’s North American plants continue to be affected by the global semiconductor shortage, just as other automakers and industries around the world. As a result of this continued part shortage, today the Ford Motor Company announced temporary lay-offs at multiple production facilities. At Oakville Assembly Complex, production

Petition- Paid Sick Days for all workers in Ontario.

Brothers and Sisters, As we enter yet another province-wide lockdown, your Local and National Union continue to hold the Provincial Government to account. The fact is that the Ontario Government can and must do more to keep workers and our families safe. The burden and harm of this pandemic is


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Racial Justice Advocate-Message- May 25, 2021

Brothers and Sisters, Today marks the 1st anniversary of George Floyd’s death which sparked enormous protests around the world. A jury of 12 convicted former police officer, Derek Chauvin, on three counts of murder for kneeling on the neck of Mr. Floyd for more than nine minutes. Following this, across