2023-2025 Unifor Local 707 Union Cards

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Brothers and Sisters,

New union cards have been mailed out and should be delivered to the 707 members (not retired) in the next week or so. You will notice that these new cards have a different feel and appearance. The new Union cards are now on a thicker credit/debit card type material and also have a QR code on the front.

The QR code has been added as we will begin to scan the cards as members enter our union meetings rather than having holes punched into the cards.

Note: The only information contained in the QR code is the cardholder’s name and master number which is already identified on the card itself.

For now, scanning of union cards will be done at membership meetings only, but does have the potential to be utilized later on for things like elections and strike duty attendance.

If you haven’t received your new union card by our January General Membership Meeting, it may have returned to the Union Hall. This could be for a few different reasons, but most likely is that the current address we have for you on file, is out of date.

Note: When members move you need to update your address with both the company and the Union separately. 

If you have not received your 2023-2025 Union Card by January 30th 2023, please speak with our Local 707 Office Administrator Judy to see if your card was returned or if not, a request for a duplicate Union card can be made and your original Union card will be canceled.

In Solidarity,

Mark Sciberras

President, Unifor Local 707

Brett Lefebre

Financial Secretary,

Unifor Local 707