Request for Clarification from Integrity Department of Service Canada (EI)

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Brothers & Sisters,

Many members have been receiving a letter from the Service Canada Integrity Office requesting clarification.


For most, the letter will ask for the weeks beginning 12/04/2020 – 18/04/2020

The left column (“Office use”) will have the number 2234.  This is the way that EI identifies each week.

We use Pay Period.  Our PP17 in 2020 equates to their Code Week 2234.

This timeframe is during the start of the Pandemic and the period in which Ford Motor Company paid us (retroactively) 75% of our normal 40 hour straight time wage.  They paid this CEWS money to us in PP38 or EI CW2255 or September 6-12, 2020.  The money was allocated by Ford to PP17-PP24 or CW2234-CW2241

Again, it is important to answer this letter and explain why you reported $0 and the company is showing that they paid you during those pay periods.  This letter is your chance to agree or disagree with the information they have received and if you agree then why you reported differently.  But you are not in the wrong.  We did our reports correctly at the time and just need to explain.

Below is an example only.  You should answer specific to your circumstances.

But as a guide, I suggest you explain like this:

I reported $0 earnings correctly at the time of my reports.  My employer, Ford Motor Company, applied for and received CEWS and paid this to me in September 2020.  This lump sum payment was retroactive to the timeframe listed.  It was my understanding that I was to wait for a notice of debt so that I could repay any monies I was not entitled to.

Then you could add additional info based on your own scenario.

If you attempted to amend your reports then you can let them know that you tried or did amend your reports. Provide dates if you can.

If you repaid the outstanding monies already then let them know and provide dates of payment if you have them.


If the weeks listed are not as stated above then you need to check your records and determine if you may have simply made a reporting error or disagree with the Ford Motor Company’s information.

In Solidarity,

Paul Ivey

Unifor Local 707 Unit #1 Benefit Representative