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Antedate Late E.I Reports


If you did NOT report your earnings after you applied for the August layoff, then you MUST contact Service Canada and report your earnings.

Your claim for the August and for the October layoff will NOT process until you have reported.

You can call the EI call centre at 1-800-206-7218

Or go directly to the Service Canada outlet nearest you.

It is your responsibility to report.

In each case you should report $0 earnings for the week of layoff (if you did not work and had $0 earnings)

And report that YES you started a FUL TIME job the date of your return to work

(for most that should be August 20, 2018)

When reporting for this most recent layoff you should report starting FULL TIME October 8, 2018

This will stop your claim so that reporting is no longer necessary while leaving your claim open in the event we are laid off again in the near future.

If you received a letter to attend a seminar on how to apply for jobs, you should call the number at the bottom of the letter immediately and explain that you have started FULL TIME work and you NOT be required to attend.

If you ignore the letter they may flag future claims.  I suggest you call the Service Canada branch.

Paul Ivey

Unifor Benefit Representative

Local 707


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