Body Build Report – June 23, 2021

Brothers & Sisters,

I hope this report finds everyone healthy and safe.

Since the pandemic our members have dealt with 26 weeks down time and the stress associated with the added restrictions / protocols. Although these times have been difficult for many of our members and loved ones. It has given us a new appreciation for our family and friends.

                                                          Retirement Incentive

Due to the negotiated $40,000 retirement incentive, approximately 64 Body Build members have taken the incentive and have elected to retire. We have also had a great deal of our members retire before hand and members still expressing interest in retiring outside the incentive window., January- July 1st, 2021.

I would like to wish everyone all the best in their future endeavors. It’s been a pleasure to have worked and represent, you over the years.

                                                                  Body Recalls

With the Company elimination of the #1 shift in January 2020, our reduced members had (1) one- year recall as outlined in article 17.09. Fortunately, 54 of our members were recalled through this period.

                                                                  MSC Closure

The closure of MSC in January 2021 affected 62 members.

  • 26 members were transferred with operations.
  • 9 were successful applicants prior to closing.
  • 3 elected to retire.
  • The remaining 24 members being placed throughout the plant as pending postings, until they are either successful through our job posting procedure or allocated

The closure was difficult for all involved due to, reduction in workforce (article 15.31, transfer of operations article 18.02).

                                                                100 Day Period

The 100 Day reduction period ended, effective May 29th, 2021. Areas of the shop stopped tag reliefs, along with the realignment of reliefs in other areas of the shop. There was a total of 7 relief positions per shift reduced.

Further the Company chose to eliminate 2 inspection operations, which I believe will adversely affect the quality of the product we will build. One (1) inspector in closures, control point and the door take off inspector in body 2.

There was also 1 job eliminated in the MP&L group in Body 1.

To correct a previous failed, rebalance which couldn’t be supported by the relief people. The Company reinstated the H-Frame job on the Pan Line.

                                                   Sunset Canvass/ Job Postings

As a result of bargaining, we have Sunset Canvass, better job with equal pay for the following classifications in Body Build.

  • 338B Weld Teardown
  • 320B Line Feed Driver
  • 305B Checker Receiver

These classifications will be canvassed by seniority for better job, equal pay for the primary opening. The secondary opening being posted bargaining unit wide.

316B Metal Repair (painted), 317B Metal Repair (white metal) and 399B QSA, will also be canvassed, as premium/ repair classifications. With the secondary opening being posted departmentally.

Further all base classification jobs will be posted bargaining unit wide. Which are the following classifications for Body Build, 383B and 301B.

With the start of summer upon us and vacation shutdown around the corner I would like to wish everyone a great vacation.

In Solidarity,

Keith Grist

Unifor Local 707 -Body Build Committeeperson

June 23 2021

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