Step-1 Employment Insurance (EI) Application process for those on Lay-off -October 18th to October 24th 2020



(Read the following information very carefully, so that you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for Employment Insurance)

Online Automotive Employment Insurance Application

Employment Insurance is and has always been a government program administrated by a federal branch currently known as Service Canada, which determines how unemployed in Canada apply and receive benefits based on the Employment Insurance Act. Service Canada determines how application is made by a claimant, which is why it is your responsibility to apply for Employment Insurance online using Service Canada’s Automotive Employment Insurance Application with the reference code below.

To Complete an Application Online go to:

Once on the Service Canada Website click “English” then once on the appropriate page click “HOME

Next, click “BENEFITS”.

Next, click “Employment Insurance”.

Next, click “Regular Benefits”.

Next, click “Apply”.  Then scroll down the page and click “READY TO START?

Scroll down the page again and click “Start Application”.

Note: Should you have problems finding the web page, do a “Google” search for “Service Canada”. Once you have found the appropriate page prior to starting your E.I. Application you should know or have:

  1. Required personal information for the EI application

You will be asked for, and should have on hand, your Social Insurance Number, the correct spelling of your Mother’s maiden name (last name upon her birth) and any banking information for direct deposit purposes, this is optional and only necessary if the information  has changed since last in receipt of benefits, or if not set up with Service Canada.

  1. Required employment information for the EI application

The Ford Motor Company of Canada will submit a Record of Employment (ROE) electronically to Service Canada on your behalf; therefore, you do not need to request copies from the Ford Motor Company.

  1. Reactivating or terminating a previous EI claim

If you already have started and established an Employment Insurance claim for benefits within the past 52 weeks and there are weeks still payable, that claim will automatically be reactivated when you complete the EI application online.

  1. The Privacy Notice Statement / start your E.I. application

Read the privacy statement and scroll down the page and “Click” Start Application

Start to Finish Step by Step Instructions


If you had attempted an application within the last 72 hours you will be given an opportunity to retrieve any information you had previously inputted by entering your personal information as well as the temporary password which was presented when you started that application. If you are not retrieving a previous application select No and “click” Continue…

Type of Employment Insurance Application

When asked what type of Employment Insurance benefits would you like to claim?

Select: Benefits for employees

“Click” Continue…

Reference Code

To ensure that your online application is processed at our designated Service Canada branch it is very important that you answer YES to the question asking if you are part of a group lay off situation and “were you given a reference code to submit this application?” Enter the New reference code exactly as indicated below.


“Click” Continue…

Specialized Application

Read this section and “Click” Continue…

Identity Information

Input you’re Social Insurance Number, your Birthday, Last Name, First Name, Last Name at Birth, Gender and your Mother’s Maiden Name (Mother’s Family Name at her Birth). “Click” Continue…

Identity validation

Review Identity information to ensure you have provided the correct information.

If correct “Click” Continue…

Temporary Password Identification Number

After inputting your personal information, you will be given a temporary password identification number. Write down this down as this is the number they will ask for if for any reason you are unable to complete this application and are required to retrieve it for completion within 72 hours. “Click” Continue…

Personal Information

Enter which language you would prefer to speak English or French, your Area Code and Home Phone Number, your Postal Code, Home Address and whether or not your Home Address is different from your Mailing Address. “Click” Continue…

Direct Deposit

If you had previously set up direct deposit, for which no information has changed, and answer YES to the questions and any benefit you are to receive will be directly deposited into your account. If you have not previously elected the direct deposit option or wish to change the information currently on file at Service Canada, you should have a cheque on hand in order to reference the banking information needed.

“Click” Continue…

Last Employer Information

Provide the Business name of your most recent Employer:

Ford Motor Company. Phone number is (905) 845-2511.

First day worked is an optional question that is not required to be answered, but you may enter your Seniority Date if you wish.

Last Day Worked: the last day for which you worked or paid before you were laid-off.

For most this will be Friday, October 16th, 2020.  But input your last day worked.

 “Click” Continue…

Variable Best Weeks

Below is the how the majority of the membership should answer. 

However, if you worked less than (19-23) weeks then answer YES and “Click” continue…

You will be asked,” In the last year did you work less than (19-23) weeks?  (i.e.: 52 weeks leading up to July 1st, 2019) if the answer is NO,

You will be asked, “Did your earnings vary over the last 53 weeks?” If the answer is YES (which it should be for everyone.)

You will be asked” Were your average gross Weekly earnings (before deductions) in the last 53 weeks equal to or greater than $1021.00? Answer YES

Third Party Assistance

Answer whether or not someone else completed the application on your behalf.

 “Click” Continue….

Rights and Responsibilities

You will now be asked to review the Rights and Responsibilities section, consisting of 6 pages. Your responsibilities are outlined beginning page 3, including the necessity to report any prolonged absence from your normal place of residence or the country during this period. You must be ready, able and looking for work to satisfy the conditions of collecting an EI benefit or establishing a waiting period.

To continue application, select; I accept Rights and Responsibilities. “Click” Continue….


A statement in which you indicate you completed the application truthfully, you understand the Rights and Responsibilities while applying for Employment Insurance Regular Benefits and that you understand by knowing making a false statement you are subject o penalty or criminal proceedings.

Accept the Statement and complete the Application. “Click” Continue…

Confirmation and Information

The application is now complete and you will be given an opportunity to print out or write down a confirmation number.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your E.I. claim or application you can access your EI account online by signing up for My Service Canada Account. If it is necessary to call the inquiry line at 1-800-206-7218, be sure to provide the reference code above to ensure you receive the information that pertains to an Automotive Employment Insurance application.


Employment Insurance Reporting


Shortly after you complete the application online you will receive a Personal Access Code # in the mail to use for completing your reports either by phone or online. It is important to complete your reports, and accurately report for all the time you were laid-off, in a timely manner, to establish an Employment Insurance waiting period or receive an Employment Insurance benefit.

Once you have your Personal Access Code, go online and report.  You should report for the time as prompted.  Please make note that reports are 2-week blocks.  In most cases, when asked if you had earnings in this timeframe, you answer ‘YES’.  You will then be prompted for earnings in each week (most members will be $0 for the week of Sunday, October 18th  to Saturday, October 24th, 2020). 

You should then report return to full time work for Monday, October 25th, 2020.  Your claim will automatically be re-activated if you apply for benefits again within the next 52 weeks.

In Solidarity,

Paul Ivey                                                                                                                         

UNIFOR Local 707 Unit# 1 Benefit Representative


Tim Batke

UNIFOR Local 707 Unit #1 Alternate Benefit Representative

                                                                                                                                October 16th, 2020

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