SUB Pay Adjustments

Unifor Local 707

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Brothers & Sisters

Many of you may have recently or may in the near future receive a retroactive SUB payment or payments. The SUB payment(s) are usually small amounts (example: $12 or $18)

Reason for these retroactive SUB Payments.

Recently our In-plant Committee asked the company to review 2023 and 2024 SUB payments. The review found that some members received SUB payments based on the current year EI benefit rate, which may not necessarily be their actual EI benefit rate, if they started a claim in the previous calendar year.

Example: 2023 calendar year-Maximum EI Benefit Rate was $650.00 and 2024 calendar year -Maximum EI Benefit Rate was $668.00.

Now that the oversight in the SUB pay system has been identified, the company is now in process of manually correcting these errors.

As these are retroactive SUB payments, there is no need to report the payment to EI.

In Solidarity

Paul Ivey

Unifor Local 707 Benefit Representative