Unifor Local 707 Plant Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of Ford Council-January 2024 Update

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Brothers & Sisters,

To keep our members up to date, currently there are no scheduled down weeks in the system prior to the start of the retool.  This is welcome news as our members can plan for a consistent work through to the start of the retool.  As communicated by the Plant Manager the last Edge is scheduled to be built on April 26th.    

Oakville Transition  

The manpower churn that will happen because of the launch of our new EV product will be a huge undertaking.  The In-Plant committee has been reviewing updated cycle line layouts, departmental RTO’s, classification RTO’s and more.  Making sure that all the information is accurate will ensure our members can make the best decision possible when bidding on jobs for the launch of our new product.  Specific timelines for job posting for the EV transition are being worked out but not yet finalized.  Once details are finalized all the required information will be communicated to the members.  

Unifor Awareness

Our Unifor Awareness trainers have been provided new and updated curriculum that they will be rolling out to the members over the next few weeks and months.  Unifor Awareness courses are negotiated to provide an opportunity for our members to gain knowledge on relevant information affecting our industry.  This course also ensures the need for an additional fifty members working daily.  Without this course our plants employment role would be reduced.  As this is a negotiated program the Union and Company are obligated to ensure that each member on the active role is provided this eight-hour course.  

Marc Brennan 

Ford Council Vice Chairperson 

OAC Plant Chairperson, Unifor Local 707

Office Phone # (905)845-2511 ext # 3350 | Company Cell # (289)681-7654 Union Cell # (905)407-0475

Union Email: mbrennan@uniforlocal707.ca | Company Email: mbrenn10@ford.com