Body Build Committeeperson Report December 2023

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Brothers & Sisters,

With the dust settling on bargaining and with the influence of UAW bargaining closing. I believe after reflection our members will come to realize that our agreement coming out of 2023 bargaining is the best to date in the history of our local.

Having been a member of the UAW, CAW and now Unifor, I can personally state that it’s the best agreement I have ever seen.

Although, people may have concerns based on individual preferences. We as a Bargaining Committee, bargaining for collective gains, opposed to individual gains. This agreement does just that, it addresses every segment, group within our membership.

To the members of the Bargaining Committee, thank you for your dedication and commitment for securing this historic agreement, Jason Del Buono, Roy De Matos, Scott McColeman and Chris Simpson.

I would like to recognize Mark Sciberras for his hard work chairing the local and benefits table that seen tremendous gains.

Marc Brennan, Vice Chair of Ford Bargaining Council, and in his first term as our Plant Chairperson, I would like to personally thank for his unwavering, uncompromising commitment to securing this historic agreement for our members. His leadership at the table was second to none and was instrumental in securing an Oakville based agreement. Securing one of the best income security plans ever seen, protecting our members through the retool period, front end loading the cola fold in along with the 10% wage increase in the first year of the agreement, maximizing the 70% SUB top up for the retool. Taking on a three (3) year battle with the Company and Government, to rectify the CERB issue. Along with the gains that we were able to make locally and at the master table.

Reductions Lincoln Fallout:

With the fallout of the Lincoln, last unit built in Body Build, December 4th, 2023. The Company has given notice of their intention of reducing in the following classifications.

338B Weld Teardown

305U2 MP&L Reliefs

305U3 MP&L Utility Roll

320 MP&L Line Feed

317B Metal Repair

383U2 Reliefs

383B Body Buck Setup

If the Company moves forward and is successful with all the rebalances, it will be a loss of 30 jobs to our members, representing an 8% manning reduction in RTO in Body Build. Which is a very aggressive doing little to help stabilize the plant.

Some of the jobs are straight fallout jobs associated to Lincoln only jobs, which is understandable. Unfortunately, the Company has elected to use the fallout of the Lincoln to do additional reductions, which will negatively affect moral, quality, throughput and operations leading into the retool for the BEV.

Work Allocation Procedure:

When the Company adds work to our jobs, they need to follow the work allocation procedure.

  1. The Company will provide prior days notice of change to your work allocation.
  2. Provide and review updated OIS, method for job.
  3. Lead shift will be the day shift for new work allocation.
  4. Company to provide Union Time Standards with Ergo Checklist, updated OIS and signed off move sheets.

10 Step/ Production Standards:

As a result of these rebalances, should you be experiencing difficulties in doing your job the following process applies:


Step One: Supervisor/ Process Coach to discusses employee performance with employee.

Step Two: Supervisor/ Process Coach discusses employee’s performance with the employee and Steward.

Once these steps are taken and all issues brought up through this process have been either addressed or answered. If employee is still not be able to perform the job due to time (not enough). The job can be place under dispute as outlined in article 30.04 of the Master Agreement. With the involvement of the Time Standards Committeeperson.

Base Recall:

The Company has advised that due to the reductions, there will be a transfer of junior employees out of Body Build. Those employee’s that are affected, have one (1) year base recall rights back to Body Build, if they are not a successful applicant through the job posting procedure outlined in Exhibit “B”. Base recall will apply as outline in article 17.06, 17.07 of the Master Agreement.

Social Media:

We have seen several our members being terminated due to their activities on social media. The Company has been taking a very hard stance on this issue and it’s become very difficult to get our members reinstated.

If you are going to engage in social media, please do not post pictures of the plant, co-workers etc. Do not engage in any form of discriminatory or harassing postings and anything that can be perceived as derogatory, threats etc. When posting please keep in mind that social media can be considered an extension of our workplace.

In closing I, would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays on behalf of myself, and Stewards Ann Luyten, Joe Simopoulos, Lucky Sandal, Rob Tassone, Alternates Paul Finelli, Lindsay Hinshelwood, Gary Shedden and Jamie Norton.

In Solidarity,

Keith Grist

Local 707 Ford Council and

Body/MSC Committeeperson