Stop Ontario Health Care Privatization- Petition

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Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you to everyone who attended our Unifor Halton Town Hall meeting on Thursday November 23rd at our Local Union Hall. The meeting was productive and educational, however work on our campaign is not over.

It’s no secret that our public health care system is in crisis. The Ford government has put our health care at risk—there are fewer staff, longer waits, more closures, less access to quality services, and now our tax dollars are leaving the system to for-profit, private businesses. 

Everyone deserves access to high-quality public health care, not just the rich—which is why we’re fighting back against health care cuts and privatization.

To make public health care in Ontario great, we need more staff, better working conditions for those staff so we can have better services, and in turn, less wait times and service closures.

Please take a moment to support our campaign for high-quality public health care by signing the attached petition in the link below.

In Solidarity,

Nichole Brennan

Steve Gebel

Sue Smith

Mark Sciberras, Unifor Local 707 President

Marc Brennan, OAC Plant Chairperson,

ORC Member at Large