Planning Your Future Course – Port Elgin Update

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This summer marks an unprecedented interest in the Planning Your Future – Pre Retirement Course in Port Elgin. Our membership applied at an alarming rate. With almost 50 members from Local 707 applying to take the course, we were unable to get any of our members enrolled.

Courses have been full for the most part all year. There was a point in February and March where our local membership filled every last spot that was available to take and I want to thank the members for showing interest.

Unfortunately and fortunately (depending on whether you applied or not) with a Union of over 315,000 members, there is a desire to take this course from more than just our membership. Last year, we were able to get more members into the course noted than any other local. That may or may not have had an impact as to how the course selection went for this June’s program.

There will be no members of Local 707 going to the program this June.

That said, there will be an announcement shortly about possibly having 2 classes put on in the fall at the same time. I will keep the membership up to date as always as to the Course selection process for PEL courses.

The current list of applicants will not change unless members who are on the list already ask to be taken off of it. Over 200 members across the country applied for the current 24 spots available which means that approximately 180 who applied were denied. The 48 members from our local will still be on the list and will be notified by Port Elgin directly if selected to attend. A seniority list of those who applied was provided to the Family Education Centre.

In Solidarity,

Dave Millar

Vice President

Unifor Local 707