Plant Chairperson Report – OAC is currently set to restart production on Monday May 8th

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Brothers & Sisters,

Oakville Assembly Complex is currently set to restart production on Monday May 8th after two down weeks because of supplier issues.  Based on my most recent conversations with Company Management, expectations are that the supplier base will be able to provide the OAC parts through to the July shutdown.  As we all know the supplier base has been unpredictable so if there are changes to expectations that information will be shared.

In-Plant Leadership

The first Sunday in May after our triennial elections is the date that the newly elected in-plant representatives assume their position.  As we return from the down weeks the newly elected in-plant Leadership will be in place.  Once again, I want to welcome all newly elected Union representatives to the Leadership, I look forward to working with you all.  I also want to thank those individuals leaving the Leadership for their contributions to our Union.

Summer Students

On April 19 the company put out notification for summer students’ opportunities.  Summer students have historically been used at our Plant to help increase the number of members that can take vacation during the premium vacation period.  These summer students are our sons, daughters, family, and friends.   I ask that we look out for them while they are in our plant and remember that for many of them this will be their first time working in a factory.

  Marc Brennan 

Ford Council Vice Chairperson 

OAC Plant Chairperson, Unifor Local 707

Office Phone # (905)845-2511 ext # 3350 | Company Cell # (289)681-7654 Union Cell # (905)407-0475