N O T I C E to Leadec Members: Racial Justice Advocate Position

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During 2021 Leadec Bargaining in recognition of societal racism, the company and union agreed to identify a
racial justice advocate at the Oakville Assembly Plant. A Racial Justice Advocate will be a Leadec Local 707
member in good standing, who identifies as a member of the Black, Indigenous or racialized community.

The Racial Justice Advocate is a workplace representative who will assist and provide support for Black,
Indigenous and racialized people and concerns such as racial discrimination and racial violence. The role of
the advocate in the workplace is described in the following posting. Applications via Resume are now being accepted up until February 11, 2022

Dave Millar – Unifor Local 707 Vice President

Fuad Hassan
Fuad Hassan – Unifor Local 707 Leadec Chairperson
Kunal Ahluwalia – #2 Shift Commiteeperson

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Vice President at vp1@uniforlocal707.ca