Local 707 Ford Council Bargaining Committee Message- Regarding Company’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy -October 19, 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,

On Thursday October 14 the Ford Motor Company of Canada put out a communication indicating that a Mandatory Vaccination Policy would be implemented across all Canadian facilities. Since that communication, your Local Bargaining Committee has been in ongoing discussions with Ford/Unifor Bargaining Council. Late in the day on Monday October 18 the Ford Motor Company finally provided the Master Bargaining Committee a copy of their Policy. We are expecting the Ford Motor Company to release their Policy sometime today.
After reviewing the Company Policy in its current form, we brought up many concerns with their Policy. Without the Company addressing our concerns we cannot and will not promote the Ford Motor Company’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy. Your Local Bargaining Committee is in favour of vaccinations and a Vaccination Policy that would recognize the needs of all our members. We believe that the Company should have adopted a Policy that had alternatives for those that are hesitant to receive the vaccination and that does not have the potential outcome of termination for those that are non-compliant.
Your Local Bargaining Committee is currently looking for clarification on the process the Company will require to collect the vaccination data. We are doing this to ensure that the collection of this data intrudes as little as possible on our members privacy.
If after reading the Policy, you have any questions or concerns we recommend that you direct those questions to the Human Resources Department and document the response. Your Local Leadership will continue to keep you updated with information as we are provided.
All our members have worked together to protect the Health and Safety of everyone.  Our Local Leadership continues to support the required protocols that have kept our membership safe during this pandemic.
In Solidarity,
Local 707 Ford Council Bargaining Commitee