Local 707 Meetings/ Reopening Ontario Act

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Brothers and Sisters,

The fulltime Local 707 Executive officers continue to best protect the health and safety of our staff, membership, retirees and all those that enter the Galaxy Local 707 Union Hall.

Accordingly, we are following the required Reopening Ontario Act and Local Public Health Guidelines, as we have since the beginning of the pandemic.

On September 14th 2021 the Provincial government has amended restrictions, which have impacted our future Union meetings.

Effective September 22, 2021 the province’s restrictions changed surrounding Meeting and event spaces, such as banquet halls and conference/convention which includes our Union Hall. The restriction requires our Local to be responsible that all individuals attending meetings, show proof of full vaccinated status and government Identification in order to gain access to meetings or events in our Union Hall.

If a member has written vaccine exemption supplied by a physician or registered nurse, that is accordance with the Ministry’s guidances, the Local is exempt from this requirement and the member may attend meeting or event without need for proof of vaccination, providing they show written exemption and government identification.

For those found in violation Reopening Ontario Act, provincial offences officers include by-law, police, public health inspectors and regulatory officers from several ministries and agencies, can and will enforce and levy fines to individuals starting at $750.00 and organizations starting at $1000.00, that can increase incrementally until reaching maximum fine of $500,000.

For those few members that are unable to enter the Union Hall for meetings, as they are unable to show proof of vaccination or written medical exemption prior to the meeting. We have attempted to accomidate by allowing them to participate while ouside of the building. This is by no means ideal, however it will allow us to be inclusive within the act and still maintain our usual and required union business during meetings.

Note: For each meeting all members must show proof of vaccination or written medical exemption with goverment identification, as the Local will not be keeping information on a members status. It is expected that in the near future we will be able to use the Ontario’s digital vaccine passport app as the preferred alternative.

Also Note: These restrictions only apply to meetings, and proof of vaccination is not required for any member who wishes to meet in-person with a full time Local 707 Executive officer at the Local Union hall.

Mark Sciberras

President, Local 707

Dave Millar

Vice-President, Local 707

Brett Lefebre

Financial Secretary, Local 707