Presidents Report-August 26th 2021

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Return to Work for Ford Unit 707 production members on Indefinite Lay-off

Brothers and Sisters,

The negotiated $40,000 Retirement Incentives that were implemented across all Ford Unifor locations earlier this year have produced a desired result, an oppurtunity for early retirement and now, the need for manpower at Oakville Assembly Complex. I am pleased to report that as of last week the company has recalled all Ford Unit 707 members who have been on Indefinite lay-off since February 3rd 2020.

To all returning members, welcome back.

Standing Committee Elections and required By-Elections

Nominations for required By-Elections and Local 707 Standing Committees are this Friday August 27 and Monday August 30th 2021. (See attached Notice of Nominations for further details of time and place). With pandemic restrictions cautiously being lifted, we are all hopefully that we are able to get back to a new normal, where our Local 707 standing committees will be able to once again physically function at full capacity in our Assembly plant and the communities we live in.

For those interested in making a positve influence in your workplace and community, I encourage you to consider a position on one or more of our standing committees.

Many in Local leadership got their start in our standing committees, including myself.

Since our Local was established hundreds of members have been able to connect, learn and make meaningful change through our standing committees. It’s where our Local’s leaders of past, present and future will develop their required skills, to ensure this Local continues to remain united and relevant.

The Standing Committees of Local 707 are as follows;

Human Rights Committee: shall work actively to promote human rights issues for the membership. They will work with the National Union and other community groups on human rights issues and approved campaigns.

Union in Politics Committee: will work actively to promote political issues to the membership and on issues and political campaigns.

Community’s Service Committee: will organize and facilitate strike campaigns, as well as assist with plant gate food drive and other community events

Sports Committee: will promote and organize sports’ activities for the members of Local 707. (example: soccer, hockey, golf etc..)

Recreation Committee: will promote and organize recreation activities promoting this issue within the membership to build solidarity through recreation (Card games, darts etc..)

Women’s Committee: (Only females) can stand for nomination and they will work to raise awareness surrounding women’s issues. (Example: Take back the night, December 6th candlelight vigil etc…)

Young Workers Committee: those 35 years of age or under, will actively promote youth issues within the membership and involve youth in union activities and the community at large.

Environment Committee: will raise awareness on environmental issues with the membership and will work with the National Office and other community groups on environmental issues and approved campaigns.

Education Committee: will actively promote and co-ordinate educational programs for our members.

Editorial Committee: will prepare and edit the Local 707 reporter

Election Committee: will prepare and conduct any Local 707 elections

Leaflet Committee: will distribute approved Unifor and Local 707 leaflets and notices as required

Picnic Committee: will organize and assit with the annual Local 707 picnic

The LGBT Committee: shall work actively to promote human rights issues for the membership. They will work with the National Union and other community groups on LGBT rights, issues and approved campaigns

Aboriginal and Racialized Workers or (AWOC) Committee: shall work actively promote human rights issues for the membership. They will work with the National Union and other community groups on Aboriginal and Racialized Workers rights, issues and approved campaigns.

Constitution and By-laws Committee: shall make recommendations on matters pertaining to the By-laws and constitution.

WSIB Committee: to review and actively promote improvements to the Workplace Insurance Act in the province of Ontario

E.I Committee: to actively promote imporovements to Employment Insurance legislation and assist to membership as necessary during layoffs

SUB Committee: will review and consider appeals for Supplemental Unemployment Benefits as outlined in Article 4 of the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan

Workers with Disabilities Committee: shall actively promote dignity for workers with disabilities through awareness initiatives that develop confidence, skills and knowledge to help build our union & communities for a better future.

Mark Sciberras

President, Unifor Local 707