Master Bargaining Committee Report- March 24th 2021

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Brothers & Sisters,

Your Master Bargaining Committee has had regular meetings regarding the vehicles that are being sent off site.   Based on our most recent meeting the following will be the plan to process the vehicles both onsite and offsite.

Current Offsite Operations

  • Our PTS’s are working  on re-flashing units that are offsite with the company that has the re-flash software.  
  • Our PTS’s are identifying offsite vehicles that have open items and are staging them to be shipped back to the plant to be repaired and re-processed.

Vehicles being built without Modules

  • Currently being staged on site, (once yard is full they will be shipped offsite).
  • Once modules for vehicles arrive (TBD) those units will be brought back into the plant with modules to be installed and processed through pre-rolls, toe-in/ headlight aim, rolls test and CAL lines.

During the 2016 negotiations the Bargaining Committee resolved a grievance regarding work ownership from March of 2016, created when the Ford Motor Company had a third party repairing our vehicles without members of Local 707 Bargaining Unit involved.  The resolve to the grievance was a monetary payout to our members affected.  We also had new language added to our collective agreement that can be found page 31 of 2016 exhibit B.  

Vehicles have only been shipped off-site because there is not enough room on-site to store the current units we have on hold.  Your Master Bargaining and Local in-plant committee will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that our members work continues to be done by our members.       

Mark Sciberras

President, Unifor Local 707

Bob Scott

OAC Plant Chairperson, Unifor Local 707

Marc Brennan

Unifor, Vice Chairperson,  Ford Bargaining Committee

Darrin Caerels

Skilled Trades Chairperson, Unifor Local 707