Local 707 Bargaining Committee Update

Unifor Local 707

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September 7, 2020

Local 707 Bargaining Committee Update

Brothers & Sisters,

This is a brief update and overview of where we are in the bargaining process for the Detroit 3 and more specifically with the Ford Motor Company.  All the tables of our multi-layered bargaining Committee structure have all been engaged in discussions with the company.

Since mid-July the Local Bargaining Committee has been meeting regularly with Plant management regarding local proposals and demands put forth by both Union and Company.  These talks are ongoing. On August 12th, we opened bargaining officially with the exchange of master proposals brought forth by our members.   During the week of August 24th our sub-committees started having regular meeting with the company to deal with the proposals that they are responsible for.  And finally on Monday Aug 31st all Bargaining members were in Toronto meeting at their respective tables.    

Master Bargaining – Deal with the economic package and issues that cut across all the facilities covered under the CBA

Master Bargaining Sub Committees – for this round of bargaining we have Sub Committees for Economic Review, Health & Safety, Equity, EFAP (family assistance), Pension & Benefits, Skilled Trades and Language.  These committees deal with all the master proposals.

Local Bargaining Committee – responsible for negotiating issues related to their facility. 

As we move deeper into bargaining, our position that meaningful investment for the Ford Oakville facility is still our top priority and has not changed.  While our top priority is investment, we are also trying to negotiate a contract for our members that properly recognizes their hard work and sacrifice for the Ford Motor Company.

The Bargaining Committee understands the stress that many of our members will be feeling during this time.  Your Bargaining Committee is committed to work for our members.  We are concerned with making improvements for our members today and into the future.  We have been discussing all members interest including in-progression, traditional, retired and even future members.

We have been having extensive discussions with all the Detroit Three Local Bargaining Committees and the National Union building solidarity and support for one another.  Today more than ever we need to stand united.  Our industry in Canada has been contracting for too many years.  If we do not find a way together to change the tide now, securing the future of our industry will only getting harder.

Your support during these times is imperative to the Bargaining process.  Standing behind your elected representative in solidarity strengthens our bargaining power.  Those that work to undermine the process by posting inaccurate information on social media or bash those who have been sent to the table by the membership only hurts our collective strength.  United we stand divided we fall.

Bargaining is a fluid situation.  As a Local Bargaining Committee, we will update our members throughout the process when appropriate. As well the National will be updating the entire membership through the 2020 Auto talks.  We have heard that some of our members have concerns that when and if we reach an agreement that they will not be made aware of all changes.  Your Local Bargaining Committee has no desire to hide any information from our members.  All changes will be identified for our members.  We want our membership informed because Knowledge is Power.

It is imperative for our membership to know, along with the other Unifor Ford Locals, we have made every effort to ensure we are in the best position when bargaining with the Ford Motor Company.  Hopefully, these efforts are recognized by our Union, and on September 8th we will be chosen to be the lead target during 2020 bargaining.

Please download the attached for the most up to date pdf with regards to bargaining:

In Solidarity

Local 707 Bargaining Committee