Sickness & Accident Insurance-(not related to a COVID-19 diagnosis) Application, Continuation & Return to Work process

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S&A Application and Continuation of claims process ( not related to a COVID-19 diagnosis)

To keep in compliance with new Social Distancing recommendations and to help stop the spread of this COVID-19 virus. All S&A Applications (for new claims not related to a COVID-19 diagnosis) and Attending Physicians Supplementary Statements forms (for continuing claims not related to a COVID-19 diagnosis) can now be submitted by emailing to the respective Canada Life, Senior Ford Disability Specialist- Trish Edgar and/or Unifor Local 707 Benefit Representative- Paul Ivey or FAXED to (905) 845-4085. DO NOT bring these documents directly into the Plant or Union hall.

Required Sickness & Accident applications are below in pdf format.

Sickness & Accident Application (New Claim)

Attending Physician’s Supplementary Statement (Continuation of claim only)

Continued treatment while on claim

Canada Life has advised that they are flexible and are looking at how they can best support members and any barriers they are facing to support the requirements of their claim. However they will continue to review claims based on individual circumstances. Therefore, should you have concerns about barriers facing your prescribed treatment plan during this time, contact Canada Life, Senior Ford Disability Specialist- Trish Edgar Edgar for assistance. Trish will work with the Canada Life claim adjudication office as required to resolve these issues.

Return to Work

During this COVID-19 outbreak, if you were in receipt of S&A benefits and your physician has indicated that you are fit to work, as you are no longer ill and disabled? You must contact the Medical Department at 905-845-2511 ext.3341 prior to your expected return to work date. The Medical staff will guide you through the return to work process.

Do not walk into the Medical Department without a scheduled appointment to return to work. If you have any concerns that have not been addressed by the Medical Department, phone your Union Representative.