Oakville Ontario, Canada

Chassis Committee Person Report – Update December 2018


Marc Brennan  Chassis Committeeperson

Brothers and Sisters,


Saturday December 15th production in chassis has been cancelled.  This is due to the plant not being able to fill the requirements to run a production shift.  The amount of overtime that the company has been canvassing for is staggering.  The company is still moving ahead with weekend production on December 16.  The company will also be canvassing to run production on December 22 and 23.  In addition to the production dates there will be on going overtime canvasses in the chassis department for inventory reduction.

Pocket Calendars

The 2019 pocket calendars that indicate our shifts and have the contact information needed by our members are currently being printed.  We should be able to have them handed out by next week.

New Year

There is an anticipated slowdown of hours come the New Year.  The production schedule will drop from the max overtime we have been running to close out 2018.

Marc Brennan

UNIFOR Local 707 – Chassis Committeeperson

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