Chassis Committee Person Report – November 2018

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Marc Brennan  Chassis Committeeperson


Chassis has a current RTO (required to operate) number of 436 for #2 shift and 433 for the #3 shift.  The current number of on roll chassis members is over 540 people per shift.  These numbers exclude Chassis PTS, small tools, Pre-delivery drivers.


Job Disputes

Although it is mid-November and the 100 day rebalance period ended September 30th the chassis department has jobs under dispute.  Chassis  currently has 11 jobs under dispute and that number is growing as our JPH (jobs per hour) continues to increase.  The jobs that are under dispute are being disputed for either time or ergonomic issues.  All the jobs were put under dispute during the 10 step procedure, specifically during step 2 when the employee was sitting down with both their Steward and Supervisor.  You can find the negotiated 10 Step Procedure on page 11 of our Exhibit B (Oakville) Supplement Agreement.

Open Job Canvass

The open job canvasses have been completed in the Leader, Relief and Absentee Allowance classifications.  The company is now obligated to move and train these members in their new areas.  The canvass for the 334B class and the 301B class are close to being completed.  The company is obligated to notify the employees what job that they got.  It is important to note that the members will be awarded a selected job in line of their seniority within their classification.

Job Postings

Over the last month open jobs in classifications no longer being effected by reductions have been posted.  There will be more chassis  jobs being posted moving forward.

Voluntary Weekend Production shifts

Currently we still have upcoming voluntary weekend production dates.  These dates are November 25, December 1,8,15 and 23.  To date all voluntary production shifts have been full canvass of all members in all departments.  The leadership had many discussions and arguments with the company to ensure that the weekend production dates would be voluntary and not mandatory.  To better help our members who want to work, only accept a voluntary overtime work opportunity that you will be able to fulfill your obligation.  If there are any questions or concerns about the canvass please don’t hesitate to as for clarification.

Respectful Workplace

The amount of complaints that have gone to the equity office and to labor relations has been on the rise.  Remember that when you dealing with your co-workers or anyone else that you do it in a respectful way.  Know your audience and don’t put yourself in a situation that you will regret later.

Marc Brennan

UNIFOR Local 707 Chassis Committeeperson