Oakville Ontario, Canada

Supplemental Unemployment Benefits – September 2018


It should be understood that our negotiated Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan is an extension of our Canadian governments Employment Insurance Act, and as such is subject to the regulations set out by the Federal branch known as Service Canada


An Employee shall be considered eligible for a Regular Supplementary Unemployment Benefit (S.U.B.) for any Week they were on a qualifying layoff, if on his or her last day of work had five (5) years of seniority. Example: If your last scheduled working day prior to the layoff is Friday, September 28, 2018, you would be considered eligible for Regular (S.U.B.) during the layoff period if you were hired on, or before September 28, 2013.


Similar to short work benefits, temporary layoff (S.U.B.) benefits will be automatic and made payable without application, for active members on layoff who have no Ford Motor Company earnings or scheduled vacation.
Therefore members who are on a temporary laid-off will not be required to apply with paper applications or through the computer kiosk stations throughout the plant. S.U.B. benefits are made payable through direct deposit.
NOTE: If you are working, absent from your normal place of residence, out of the country or for any reason are not applying for Employment Insurance Benefits, it will be your responsibility to contact Oakville Assembly Complex Human Resources department during the layoff and inform them you do not wish to have your S.U.B. application processed during the layoff period.
Many weeks after the layoff, the Ford Motor Company will conduct an Employment Insurance Audit, and any member who is found collecting S.U.B. benefits without applying for Employment Insurance Benefits will have to pay any and all S.U.B. benefits back in full to the Ford Motor Company.
In solidarity,
Paul Ivey, Tim Batke
UNIFOR Local 707 Unit# 1 Benefit Representative and Alternate Benefit Representative
Posted – September 29th 2018

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