Vice President’s Report

Friday July 10, 2020

We have some exciting news for all of our members regarding the 707 web page. For the past several months, your leadership have been working on ways to communicate better with our members. Covid-19 has made getting proper information from the leadership out to the membership without physically being able to see one another during the months of March thru June with potential for more struggles down the road. Meetings took place over different methods with different companies and web providers to see how we could improve for our membership our basic needs. We will be moving our site to a new server within the next few days and possibly as early as today. After much deliberation and discussion, we have decided to move to a service known as UN1ON. The company is a unionized company that will take care of us with all of our online wants and needs. A brand new webpage, our secured database, an online store, and a new app for our members to access, it will have it all!

This may not mean much to the casual observer but it will provide new ways for the membership and leadership to be kept up to date and receive valuable knowledge about what is going on whether it is from your shop floor committeeperson, Benefit Representative, Plant Chair or President.

We will still be using the 707 Reporter but we do anticipate that many of our members will opt out of receiving a “hard copy” of it with the online version being made more readily available. We have a lot of retired members who may have concerns about not receiving their copy of the Reporter so we will continue to send them out until a member decides to opt out using our member portal.

It will take a bit of time to become adjusted to all of the ins and outs of the new system but having a trained unionized company to help us get through the process will be beneficial to all of our members both active and retired.

Unifor Local 707 is looking forward to getting in touch with all of our members to grow together as a union in to the 21st century. The way things were done in the past doesn’t mean that they are the only way to go moving forward. Our membership is always looking to become more actively involved with what is going on with our union and we believe that this presents endless possibilities.

Please stay up to date and follow us as our new page will be here shortly. We appreciate all of the support and we hope that heading in to bargaining this year during Covid-19 that we will be able to make communicating with our members as accessible as possible. We believe that this is the best way to make sure that you are well informed especially when we are unable to do large gatherings or meetings at this point in time.

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Dave Millar

Vice President

(905) 844-6431

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