Vice Chairperson of Ford Council Report- March 2020


Marc Brennan  Chassis Committeeperson

Brothers and Sisters,

As the Vice Chairperson of the Ford Master Bargaining Committee I believe it is important to keep the membership up to date with where we are at in the  process of preparing for bargaining.  I have heard some rumors on the floor so I hope this update will help dispel any misinformation.

As everyone is aware each of the Detroit three Bargaining Committees have difficult challenges ahead.  This set of negotiations will be as difficult and important as any that have come before it.

To date Local 707 has  completed our amendment meetings.  On January 27, 28 and 29 the local leadership met at the Union hall and reviewed, debated and voted on all amendments brought forth by membership and leadership.   These same amendments were brought forth to the general membership amendment meeting held at the Union Hall on February 9.   During that meeting there were additional  amendments brought forth by both membership and leadership.  It is important to note that all amendments were voted on by those that were present at the general amendment meeting.

On March 10th I will be attending a meeting with the Ford Master Bargaining Committee in London at the Regional Unifor office.  The Ford Master Bargaining Committee has delegates from local 707 (Oakville), local 200 (Windsor), local 584 (Bramalea), local 1087 (Edmonton) and the National Union.  The purpose of this meeting is to review the amendments from all locations.    To follow up with the Master Bargaining meeting the entire Ford Council will meet May 13th  to review assignments and formalize leadership plans leading into bargaining.

On June 15th I along with the Master Bargaining Committee will be attending Auto Council.  This is where all of the Detroit Three Bargaining Committees Ford Council, General Motors Council and FCA Council  will meet to discuss and review each location represented under the umbrella of the Auto Council.

Formal opening of Bargaining with Ford is set to begin August 12th.  Also in late  August we along with all locals  will have a strike vote.  The strike target is set to be selected Labour day.  Our current contract expires on September 21, at 11:59pm.

Marc Brennan

Vice Chair Ford Council

Unifor Local 707, Chassis Committeeperson

Ext. 3335


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