Presidents Update-September 16, 2019


President – Local 707

Brothers and Sisters:

I would like to take this opportunity to follow up on some information we discussed at yesterday’s general membership meeting. First of all I would like to congratulate Brother Satnam Khatkar for being elected as the new Skilled Trades Chairperson and also Sister Cindy Anderson the newly elected Alternate Environment Rep. Both of them will assume their positions immediately and I’m sure both will do a great job for the membership.

Yesterday I reported the United Auto Workers representing all General Motors Workers had extended their strike deadline until midnight last night. The two sides were not able to come to an agreement and shortly after midnight last night the UAW ordered strike action against GM. Approximately 48,000 workers walked off the job last night and strike action has begun. Better wages, profit sharing, lump sums payments and affordable health care are all priorities for the Union, I will keep you abreast of developments as bargaining progresses.

Nemak a company that produces aluminum engine blocks for General Motors and is represented by Unifor Local 200 on the Windsor site was taken over by the local union on Monday September 2nd 2019. The company is threatening to close the plant in Windsor prior the completion of their current collective agreement. Nemak has filed 2 injunctions against Unifor to cease and return control of the plant back to Nemak. Unifor of course did NOT abide by the OLRB decision and Nemak has since charged National President Jerry Dias, Local 200 President John D’Agnolo and Vice President Tim Little with contempt and court proceedings have begun. Unifor had asked Nemak to agree to binding arbitration in order to relinquish control of the plant back to Nemak. At first Nemak declined to agree to the arbitrators ruling but has since agreed to expedited arbitration as well have agreed to the arbitrators ruling. This morning control of the plant was returned to Nemak and members have returned to work. An expedited arbitrators ruling needs to be completed by November 18th of this year. I am certain the show of support at the rally last week in Windsor was a major contributor influencing Nemak into arbitration.

Updates to follow.

In Solidarity

Dave Thomas

President Unifor Local 707

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