Local 707 Financial Secretary Report- Union Dues

Brothers & Sisters,

There seems to be some confusion over the union dues recently collected. Union dues are and continue to be collected in accordance with our CBA and Local 707 Bylaws.

This confusion is in part due to the four week lay-off that the majority of our Ford unit members experienced from Monday May 31st through to Sunday June 27th , as the month of June’s union dues were deducted from pay period 27 week ending July 4th 2021.

In accordance with our CBA and Bylaws members who were laid off for most of June, but returned for the week begining Monday June 28th, were required to contribute a partial union dues payment for the month of June, which is approximately half their normal dues.

The following week of Monday July 5th through to Sunday July 11th pay period 28 pay stub would show a full union dues deduction for July as you did work or were paid vacation for 40 hours in the month.

Below is an excerpt from the Unifor Local 707 Bylaws pertaining to our union dues.



Section 1 

Initiation fee of the Local Union shall be $10.00. The application shall be accompanied by the initiation fee. 

Dues shall consist of two hours’ and 20 minutes pay plus .85¢ for Picnic Fund,.10¢ for a Strike Fund, $2.00 for the Building Corporation Fund, and .25¢ for a Special Retires’ Fund to purchase a suitable gift for future retires, which shall be checked off by the Company in accordance with the contract and in conformity with Article 15 Section G of the Constitution of the National Union. Initiation fee of the Local Union shall be $10.00. The application shall be accompanied by the initiation fee.

If you have further questions or need more clarification regarding the union dues, I am always available.

In Solidarity,

Brett Lefebre

Brett Lefebre
Brett Lefebre – Financial Secretary

Financial Secretary

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