Body Committee Person Report -January 2020


Keith Grist – Body Committee Person

Body & MSC Report

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas holiday break with their families and loved ones.

#1 Shift Reduction / Re-balance Cavass:

The re-balance/ reduction of the #1 shift canvass has been completed. As expected with such a large reduction in workforce there were problems that needed to be overcome and corrected along the way, to ensure that the Company adhered to all our respective languages in our Collective Agreement that are applicable.

Due to these actions undertaken by the Company, we lost 243 members out of Body Build. These members all have enough seniority to be retained as pending postings in the Trim and Chassis departments.

Unfortunately, approximately 395 of our junior members will be laid-off as of February 3rd, 2020, due to the loss of the D- model, line speed reduction, re-balance tasks and shift reduction.

Shift Accommodation:

When the Company started notifying those employees who no longer have seniority to retain Body Build of their new assigned departments. There were multiple employees who were assigned the opposite shift that they were currently working in Body Build. After meeting with the Company, we were able to get this issue resolved.

Base Recall:

I would like to advise our outgoing members from Body Build, that they have base recall rights to Body for a period of 1 year, as outlined in article 17.09 (a), (b) & (c). If you should elect to bid on a job and are deemed successful applicant, you will waive your right to recall.  Further, those who may wish not to be recall, can waive their rights by giving notice to the Company.


The leadership will be out at the Hall on January 27, 28 and 29th, 2020 to deal with Contract amendments. With a follow up with the membership at the amendment meeting on February 9th, 2020 at 10 am, which I encourage all to attend.

In Closing:

I would like to thank our Stewards, Dino De Stefano, Jason Delbuono, Peter Douliou, Erwin Burggraf, Mike O’Shaughnessy and Ann Luyten for all their help and hard work through this period.

Due to the reduction actions taken by the Company throughout the plant, all our members have been touched or affected. Regardless if you are a senior member being reduced out of a preferred job, a night shift member losing their shift, our members affected by work allocation changes due to the line speed reduction and re-balances or our junior members losing their employment. We collectively, all are being affected one way or another.

As we face these challenges, the need for future product allocation and bargaining gains in the upcoming year. We need to remember it’s a collective fight for us, leadership and members alike.


In Solidarity,

Keith Grist


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