Body Committee Person Report – December 2019


Keith Grist – Body Committee Person

Body Shop / MSC Report

I would like to take this opportunity to address and update our members on some issues as they pertain to the Company’s action of reducing the #1 Shift and rebalances in the Body Shop.

Elimination of the Flex:

With the build of the Flex ending there will be approximately 39 jobs (MP&L, Production & Quality Control) lost over our current three shift operation. With some more blended jobs (Flex/Edge) being reduced by the Company as the adjust workloads due to the fallout of the Flex, along with the Company’s yearly reductions.

#1 Shift Reduction:

Since the announcement from the Company that they would be reducing the #1 shift. We have been meeting with the Company to ensure that they are properly following the job reduction languages in the Collective Agreement, articles 15.31 (a), 15.31(b), 15.31(c), 15.31(d), 15.31(e), along with the corresponding language on pages 49 and 53, Exhibit B.

Utility Reduction:

If you are currently assigned to a utility classification, the most junior employees in the classification will be reduced out of their current classification. Those employees reduced out of the classification, if their previous classification was another utility classification they will be placed into that classification. Provided that a concurrent opening exists, with the reduction of the shift, such openings would exist due to employees in utility classifications not having enough seniority to retain the department.

If there are no previous utility openings (concurrent) to be placed, employees will be placed in the classification in relation to which he/she was performing their utility function. If the employee does not have enough seniority to retain the classification. They will be placed in one of the base classifications for Body Build, 383 or 301.

Please note utilities groups 1, 2 and 3 are considered separate classifications for the purposes of administering section 15.31 (a) and Exhibit B of the Collective Agreement.

All canvassing is seniority based.

Reductions of Non- Utility Classifications:

Employees being reduced from all other classifications (non- utility), The most junior employees will be reduced out of the classification. Those employees reduced will be placed into their previous classification, provided they had one in the department. If not, they will be placed in one of the base classifications for Body Build, 383 or 301.

If those employees being reduced out of a non- utility classification, previous classification was a utility classification. Will only be able to be placed if a concurrent opening exists. If such opening is not available, will be place in one of the base classifications for Body Build, 383 or 301.

All canvassing is seniority based.

Reductions Verses New Jobs:

When the Company adds any new jobs to a classification currently going through reductions. The new jobs would be offer to those employees being reduced from the respective classification. These jobs can not be posted if employees are being reduced from the classification because there is available work for those employees. Employees cannot be reduced out of a classification, while there still identifiable work for them to perform.

Relief Job Postings:

To off – set the reduced volume due to the #1 shift reduction, the Company has decided to add tag reliefs to our department.

Due to changes to our Collective Agreement in 2016 all our jobs are now posted Bargaining Unit Wide. It is a bitter pill to swallow, while seeing our members reduced out of the department. However, we are obligated to post these jobs following this process.

These jobs were posted in advance to help protect our members by identifying the successful applicants from Body Build prior to the reduction canvass taking place, enabling a more consistent seniority canvass.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the hardships that the current Company’s actions are having on our members. I don’t believe that they understand how life changing these actions are on our members. Our members working in Body Build for the 8 – hour shift pattern or steady shift (#1) for day care purposes, family care issues, coaching and volunteering commitments or medical purposes.

Also, our members who face the decision that they are now forced to retire earlier than planned or lose their pension designation.

Further,  I would like to wish our displaced members all the best as they face new challenges, as they are placed in other departments.

The upcoming year, we will be facing a lot of challenges and the need for solidarity in our membership and leadership alike will be more important than ever.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the membership for their understanding and the patience as we go through these challenges.


In Solidarity,

Keith Grist

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