insert your GID , then your provided password. Start to finish it takes about 15 seconds.

This is a friendly reminder that today (SUNDAY AUGUST 30, 2020), we will be voting on the Strike Authorization or what has commonly been known at our local forever and a day as the STRIKE MANDATE VOTE.

This is your chance to show the company that you are behind your bargaining team as they go in to negotiations with the company. The higher the strike mandate is, the better the company will see that the entire union is in support of getting the best deal possible.

The voting will begin at 12:01 am and run straight through until 11:59 pm.

IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR PACKAGE FROM SIMPLYVOTING.COM do not worry, rather contact and send your GID, local number, whether you are a production worker/tradesperson and a new password will be issued as soon as the email is checked. Please have patience. This is a new process that we are using and it is being utilized across all of the Detroit 3 auto sector sections of our union. It is being done by a third party and your information is 100% secure and not being sold to anyone else.

The results will be made public at 9:00 am on Monday August 31.

On behalf of all involved,

Dave Millar
Vice President
Unifor Local 707

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