What Should happen if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 virus?

What Should happen if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?

If you should be diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus then you must immediately:

  • Notify the company by calling Oakville Assembly Plant – Medical Department at 905-845-2511 – ext. 3341

COVID-19 Disability Benefits (Sickness & Accident Benefits)

  • Afterwards you should apply for Sickness and Accident (S&A) benefits through Canada Life (formerly Great West Life Assurance).  There is a new Sickness and Accident Application specifically for use for COVID-19 claims titled, “COVID-19-Plan Member Confirmation of illness Form”, along with the, “S&A Plan Member Statement” (both PDF’s are attached and can be printed).

COVID-19 – Plan Member Confirmation of Illness Form

S&A Form – Plan Member Statement

  • If you are not able to print both these forms you should contact the Medical Department at 905-845-2511 ext. 3341, who can email, fax or mail these forms to your home address.
  • Once you have fully completed both statements, the forms can be submitted by emailing to the respective Canada Life, Senior Ford Disability Specialist- Trish Edgar and/or Unifor Local 707 Benefit Representative- Paul Ivey or FAXED to (905) 845-4085. DO NOT bring documents to the Plant or Union hall if you have been diagnosed for COVID-19
  • To keep in compliance with new Social Distancing recommendations and to help stop the spread of this virus, we would insist that anyone in quarantine, self-isolation, directly exposed to someone with COVID-19 or if you are experiencing symptoms, send any paperwork by email or fax. DO NOT bring documents to the Plant or Union Hall
  • Note: The Attending Physician Statement (Completed by a Physician for all other S&A claims) will not be required for COVID-19 illnesses. Also note that a COVID-19 illness will not have a waiting period under the S&A plan (it will be treated like hospitalization where benefits are payable from the first day).
  • For all other illnesses/disabilities not related to COVID-19, the regular S&A forms titled “S&A Application” and “Attending Physician’s Supplementary Statement” will continue to be used. (See attached Article;

    Sickness & Accident Insurance-(not related to a COVID-19 diagnosis) Application, Continuation & Return to Work process

  • If your physician has indicated that you are fit to work and are no longer ill and disabled? You must contact the Medical Department at 905-845-2511 ext.3341 prior to your expected return to work dateThe Medical staff will guide you through the return to work process. Do not walk into the Medical Department without a scheduled appointment to return to work. If you have any concerns that have not been addressed by the Medical Department, phone your Union Representative.

Questions (Directly related to COVID-19)

Question #1: Is the waiting period for S&A benefits for employees diagnosed with COVID-19 being waived?

Answer #1: Yes, the waiting period for S&A benefits for employees diagnosed with COVID-19 is being waived.


Question #2: The Federal government’s- Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act has indicated that I must self-Isolate (for 14 days), due to my recent travel. However, I have no symptoms and have not been diagnosed with COVID-19, would I be eligible for S&A benefits?

Answer #2: While you have not been diagnosed and have no symptoms of COVID-19, you would not be eligible for S&A benefits.

Instead you would apply for Employment Insurance “Sickness” Benefits and would be eligible for our negotiated Supplemental Unemployment Benefits for any self-Isolation or quarantine that began on or after Monday, March 23, 2020. For more information on this please read article titled, “ Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits- Self Isolation/Quarantine” located on our website.

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