I have provided the guide that the government gave to me to help our members to amend our reports and repay any overpayment.  However, it would seem that they are having difficulties handling this situation.  Not all levels of Service Canada have been instructed on our situation and how to handle it. 

Please be patient.  I am currently in discussions with Service Canada to help correct this.  There have been many conflicting answers from the government.  If you have contacted EI or if they contact you, just remember that they may not have been instructed on our situation.  This is not something you have done or are doing wrong, it is just a breakdown in communication within the government.  You should simply ask to amend your report for the weeks April 12 to June 6, 2020.  You wish to report income where you had previously reported $0 income. 

I will continue to work with Service Canada.  As I get updates I will pass the information to you.

October 8, 2020

I have now received a detailed instruction from Service Canada on how to repay the CEWS money (or CDPA as Ford called it).  This guide outlines the steps that EI wishes you to take in order to repay any wage subsidy you received.

Here is the link to contact EI to amend reports

On the guide it reads as E-services

When you contact EI, you can inform them that you have calculated the weeks between PP17 and PP24 that you were in receipt of EI or CERB and have now received CEWS payment.  For most this will be 7 weeks of payments.

The calculation with SERVICE CANADA for when you redo your cards to report should be calculated by taking your hourly rate x 30 (as 30 hours is 75% of 40 hours).

This will reflect what you were paid CEWS for any given week. We advise you to put the same CEWS amount for each week you were paid during the period of April 12- June 6 2020.

Example: if you received EI you had $505/week so you would want to repay $3535.00

if you received CERB you had $500/week so you would want to repay $3500.00

Download the government guide by hitting the DOWNLOAD button below

The government will eventually do an audit and will send out notices of any overpayments that are found.

It is up to you to inform and repay Service Canada as you choose but we suggest you be proactive and repay if you can.

Paul Ivey
UNIFOR Local 707

Benefit Representative
Phone# 905-845-2511

Ext# 3360

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