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Body Committee Person Report – November 2018


Keith Grist – Body Committee Person

Delayed Rebalance Canvass:

Although the 100-day letter closed out on September 30th, 2018, there has been a delay in the open job canvass for displaced members due to job reductions. This delay is caused by two un-resolved job disputes in Body 2, the Rail Cap and Header Load jobs.

We are hoping to close out these disputes over the next week or two, which will enable for the canvass to begin, although I understand individual frustration caused by this delay, it’s important to wait until after these disputes are resolved so everyone’s seniority rights can be respected.

Project Driven Rebalances:

The Company has given the Union notice prior the close of the 100 -day letter, that it intends to do multiple projects in Body 1 & 2 over the upcoming Christmas holiday period. Although the Company has scaled back some of the projects that were initially announced. If installed and successful this will cause a further 30 job rebalance and job loss in the Body Shop, 10 people per: shift.

All affected operators have been previously notified as per: our Contractual Languages.

This rebalance canvass will need to take place once these installations have been installed and ownership determinations have taken place.

I would like to offer my congratulations on 30 years of service to the following brothers.

Craig Snider (September), Peter Colautti and Nijjar Balwinder (November)

In Solidarity, Keith Grist

Office: ext: 3285

Cell: 905-802-1562

Posted on November 7, 2018


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