EI Regular Benefits and Reference Code

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Brothers & Sisters,


The current reference code is NO LONGER ACTIVE.

It had been valid until May 10, 2024 but will no longer work if input.

If you need to apply for EI benefit you simply need to go through the long form process.

There are few more questions and takes slightly longer to complete but will not disadvantage you in any way.

You can follow the “EI Application Guidelines” in the Layoff Resources and Info section of our website.

This is a step by step walk thru to help you navigate the process.

IMPORTANT: the Reference code below was provided to the Local for our temporary lay-off. It will be active for use until Friday May 10th. The following is a guided walk thru on how to apply for EI with this reference code until May 10th.

Employment Insurance (EI) Regular Benefits

Please follow these basic guidelines to help ensure your EI application goes smoothly.  The Reference code provided will be active April 14, 2024 until May 10, 2024

Here is a checklist to assist you

(NOTE: If you have an OPEN claim and you have continued your reports, just continue your reports.)

  1. Make an ONLINE application for Regular benefits on the Service Canada website.
  2. Use the Reference code provided below and ONLY this code.  Input exactly as it is shown.
  3. Wait a MINIMUM of 2 days for the claim to process or until you receive a PIN code in the mail. – Your PIN code is always the same so if you remember your code, you can try reporting after a few days.
  4. Go ONLINE to the Service Canada website and REPORT your earnings during the timeframe asked.

The Reference Code for this layoff is:


NOTE:  This reference code will no longer work after May 10, 2024

Frequently asked Question,

What if I had intended to keep my claim active but forgot to report and I get a message saying my reports are late and I must re-activate my claim?  You should apply for Regular benefits with the reference code provided.  This will re-open your existing claim and once the application is processed you should be able to report again in a few days.

What if I had reported a return to work and closed my claim?  You should apply for Regular benefits using the reference code provided.  This will re-open your existing claim and once the application is processed you should be able to report again.

What if I had been reporting to keep my claim open but received a message that my claim was now closed, and no more reports would be accepted?  You should apply for Regular benefits with the reference code provided.  This will generate a new claim for you.  A waiting period may apply.

What if I had continued my reports and my claim is still open?  You simply continue with your reports.  You do NOT need to re-apply nor use the reference code at this time.

Employment Insurance (EI) Regular Benefits

The purpose of this notification is to provide the necessary information to file for Employment Insurance Benefits for any active Unifor Local 707 Unit #1 (Ford) members that are laid off.

(Read the following information very carefully, so that you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for EI)

There are two steps involved in this process.  One, you must apply for EI benefits.  Two, you must report your earnings and your return-to-work date.  You cannot do both steps on the same day.


If eligible you may choose to apply EI Benefits ONLY IF:

1.         You remain available for work.

  • This means you are remaining within two hours from your home and in the province of Ontario.
  • This means you will report to work any day, Monday through Friday, should the Ford Motor Company, or any other employer call upon you to do so.

2.         You accurately report to Service Canada.

  • Any absences from Ontario.
  • All gross earnings during any week, this includes any worked hours, vacation pay form the Ford Motor Company, any other employer, or any type of self-employment.

Note: If you are working at the Ford Motor Company and have wages or vacation of more than 24 hours or are in receipt Sickness and Accident (S&A) or WSIB payments during these down weeks, report all monies accurately or consider NOT applying for EI Benefits at this time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not willing to remain available for work or accurately report all absences and earnings you should not apply for EI Benefits. If Service Canada were to determine you knowingly withheld information or misrepresented the facts to make a false claim, they will consider it an act of committing fraud; as such you may be financially penalized and/or prosecuted.  If you do not apply for EI you must inform the Ford Motor Company to ensure you are not paid SUB.

New Employment Insurance Claim (EI waiting periods NOT served)

Any person starting a brand new EI claim or serving a waiting period on an existing claim will have any monies earned or received deducted dollar for dollar from any benefit that would otherwise be payable.

Therefore, individuals with any vacation pay or work earnings during the layoffshould report each week accurately or seriously consider whether it is worth applying for EI at this time.

As during any Employment Insurance waiting period an individual with gross earnings more than $668.00 (the maximum allowable earnings in a waiting period in 2024), would not be able to establish a waiting period during this time.

Already Established Employment Insurance Claim (EI waiting periods served)

For those with existing EI claims with a waiting period already served and established by Service Canada, you are eligible to receive a weekly Employment Insurance benefit and any benefit will be reduced by approximately 50% of any gross earnings you report for the week.

2024 EI maximum benefit is $668.00 per week.

Additional Information

Please note you will be asked to provide your last day worked or paid, this includes short work week pay.  For those who are asked to work during the weekend, please reflect the last day worked correctly, and remember any earnings for work performed on a Sunday are considered earnings for the beginning of the week which is from of Sunday to Saturday and during any lay-off this may exceed any allowable earnings for EI purposes.

The Ford Motor Company of Canada will submit a Record of Employment (ROE) electronically to Service Canada on your behalf; therefore, you do not need to request copies from Ford payroll.  NOTE: There must be a break in earnings of 7 days in order to issue an ROE. This means your Record is NOT sent until the layoff week is over.                                                                   

If you do not have an established Employment Insurance claim, and in order to obtain the required insurable hours to qualify for Regular EI benefits you may need to request a ROE from any past employers that you may have had over the last 52-week period, which did not previously send your ROE electronically to Service Canada. If your previous employer provides you with a paper format ROE take the Record to a Service Canada outlet or you can pass it on to the In-plant UNIFOR Benefit Office and it will be delivered to Service Canada on your behalf.

If you do not have an established Employment Insurance claim and you were on S&A in the last year, you may need to request a proper ROE from Canada Life and Ford payroll.  Contact the S&A representative at ext 3357 or reach out to the UNIFOR Benefit Office for assistance.

Shortly after you complete the application online you will receive a 4-digit Personal Access Code in the mail to use for completing your reports either by phone or online.  This 4-digit code will be the same for your lifetime.  However, you must wait until your application is processed before you can use it to report.   It is important to complete your reports, for all the time you were unpaid, in a timely manner.  3 weeks is considered timely.  Make sure you complete your reports.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your EI claim or application, you can access your EI account online by signing up for ‘My Service Canada’ account.

If it is necessary to call the inquiry line at 1-800-206-7218, be sure to provide the reference code above to ensure you receive the information that pertains to the ‘Automotive Employment Insurance Application’.


Read the following information very carefully, so that you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for Employment Insurance)

Online Automotive Employment Insurance Application

Employment Insurance is and has always been a government program administrated by a federal branch currently known as Service Canada, which determines how unemployed in Canada apply and receive benefits based on the Employment Insurance Act. Service Canada determines how application is made by a claimant, which is why it is your responsibility to apply for Employment Insurance online using Service Canada’s Automotive Employment Insurance Application with the reference code below.

To Complete an Application Online go to:


Once on the Service Canada Website click “English” then once on the appropriate page click “HOME

Next, click “BENEFITS”.

Next, click “Employment Insurance”.

Next, click “Regular Benefits”.

Next, click “Apply”.  Then scroll down the page and click “READY TO START?

Scroll down the page again and click “Start Application”.

Note: Should you have problems finding the web page, do a “Google” search for “Service Canada”. Once you have found the appropriate page prior to starting your EI Application you should know or have:

  1. Required personal information for the EI application

You will be asked for, and should have on hand, your Social Insurance Number, the correct spelling of your Mother’s (now ‘one of your Parent’s’) last name at birth and any banking information for direct deposit purposes, this is optional and only necessary if the information has changed since last in receipt of benefits, or if not set up with Service Canada.

  • Required employment information for the EI application

The Ford Motor Company of Canada will submit a Record of Employment (ROE) electronically to Service Canada on your behalf; therefore, you do not need to request copies from the Ford Motor Company.

  • Reactivating or terminating a previous EI claim

If you already have started and established an Employment Insurance claim for benefits within the past 52 weeks and there are weeks still payable, that claim will automatically be reactivated when you complete the EI application online.

  • The Privacy Notice Statement / start your EI application

Read the privacy statement and scroll down the page and “Click” Start Application

Please note that some questions in the applications may vary slightly depending on the region you live.

Start to Finish Step by Step Instructions

STEP 1 – Employment Insurance Application


If you had attempted an application within the last 72 hours you will be given an opportunity to retrieve any information you had previously inputted by entering your personal information as well as the temporary password which was presented when you started that application. If you are not retrieving a previous application, select No and “click” Continue…

Type of Employment Insurance Application

When asked what type of Employment Insurance benefits would you like to claim?

Select: Benefits for employees

“Click” Continue…

Reference Code

To ensure that your online application is processed at our designated Service Canada branch it is very important that you answer YES to the question asking if you are part of a group lay off situation and “were you given a reference code to submit this application?” Enter the New reference code exactly as indicated below.


“Click” Continue…

Specialized Application

Read this section and “Click” Continue…

Identity Information

Input you’re Social Insurance Number, your Birthday, Last Name, First Name, Last Name at Birth, Gender, and your Mother’s Maiden Name (Mother’s Family Name at her Birth). “Click” Continue…

Identity validation

Review Identity information to ensure you have provided the correct information.

If correct “Click” Continue…

Temporary Password Identification Number

After inputting your personal information, you will be given a temporary password identification number. Write down this down as this is the number they will ask for if for any reason you are unable to complete this application and are required to retrieve it for completion within 72 hours. “Click” Continue…

Personal Information

Enter which language you would prefer to speak English or French, your Area Code and Home Phone Number, your Postal Code, Home Address and whether your Home Address is different from your Mailing Address. “Click” Continue…

Direct Deposit

If you had previously set up direct deposit, for which no information has changed, and answer YES to the questions and any benefit you are to receive will be directly deposited into your account. If you have not previously elected the direct deposit option or wish to change the information currently on file at Service Canada, you should have a cheque on hand to reference the banking information needed.

“Click” Continue…

Last Employer Information

Provide the Business name of your most recent Employer:

Ford Motor Company. Phone number is (905) 845-2511.

First day worked is an optional question that is not required to be answered, but you may enter your Seniority Date if you wish.

Last Day Worked: the last day for which you worked or paid before you were laid-off. This would include Short Work Week pay. 

 “Click” Continue…

Third Party Assistance

Answer whether or not someone else completed the application on your behalf.

 “Click” Continue….

Rights and Responsibilities

You will now be asked to review the Rights and Responsibilities section, consisting of 6 pages. Your responsibilities are outlined beginning page 3, including the necessity to report any prolonged absence from your normal place of residence or the country during this period. You must be ready, able, and looking for work to satisfy the conditions of collecting an EI benefit or establishing a waiting period.

To continue application, select; I accept Rights and Responsibilities. “Click” Continue….


A statement in which you indicate you completed the application truthfully; you understand the Rights and Responsibilities while applying for Employment Insurance Regular Benefits and that you understand by knowing making a false statement you are subject a penalty or criminal proceedings.

Accept the Statement and complete the Application. “Click” Continue…

Confirmation and Information

The application is now complete, and you will be given an opportunity to print out or write down or print a confirmation number.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your EI claim or application, you can access your EI account online by signing up for My Service Canada Account. If it is necessary to call the inquiry line at 1-800-206-7218, be sure to provide the reference code above to ensure you receive the information that pertains to an Automotive Employment Insurance application.

STEP 2-Employment Insurance Reporting

Shortly after you complete the application online you will receive a Personal Access Code # in the mail to use for completing your reports either by phone or online. Your 4-digit code never changes so you may already know it, but you must still wait a couple days for the application to process before you can report.  Do not wait too long !

It is important to complete your reports, and accurately report for all the time you were laid-off, in a timely manner, to establish an Employment Insurance waiting period or receive an Employment Insurance benefit.

Once you have your Personal Access Code, go online and report (remember to wait about 2-3 days after you have applied if you already know your PIN#).  You should report for the timeframe as prompted.  Please make note that reports are 2-week blocks. Read the dates carefully in order to report for the correct weeks.

You will then be prompted for earnings in each week.

In Solidarity,

Paul Ivey

Unifor Local 707 -Unit #1

Benefit Representative

Tim Batke

Alternate Benefit Representative