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Ford – OAC Assembly & Trades – ASSIGNED PICKET DUTY

***** UPDATE*****

As it stands right now, we have not been told of an impending agreement. IF we are to begin striking tonight (Tuesday September 19 11:59pm) the picket line assignment for Wednesday at midnight will be for all reps to be on the lines as well as as many people who are able to join us if we do walk.

If your picket line assignment laid out on the download is for WEDNESDAY at Midnight, this will revert to next WEDNESDAY. The strike coordinators are working hard to accommodate all requests.

Please see below for the DRAFT picket duty list. This list is not a final list. Please review your assigned date and time. If you require a change to your timeslot for any of the following reasons, please email 2023strike707@gmail.com.

Please click on the “Download” button to see entire list of Picket times for each member. Please note that the list is alphabetical. To find your name you can either use the control F function on your computer or scroll through.

Every one of the email requests have been viewed and/or processed. The download attached to this post is reflective as of 5am on Monday September 18, 2023. Moving forward, if you have not received email confirmation of your changes, you still will receive a notice but it will not be reflective on this posting.

Valid reasons would include: car pool, two people from the same household, child care, medical/specialist appointment etc.

If you carpool, one person should submit the request with the other carpoolers’ names and time slots.

If you are from the same household, one person should submit the other person(s) name and time slot.

If your name does not appear on the list, please email to get your assignment. You will need to be assigned and report for a picket duty to be eligible for strike pay. Only members who are on the active roll at the time the strike began are entitled strike pay/benefits.


Picket 1 – Royal Windsor Dr. & Canadian Rd.
Picket 2 – Ford Dr. & Canadian Rd.
Picket 3 – Ford Dr. – Gate 3 (Shipping Entrance)
Picket 4 – Royal Windsor Dr. (Body 1 & Paint- Gate 4)
Picket 5 – 2425 Wyecroft Rd., Oakville (Warranty Building)


1 Shift – Midnight – 6 AM
2 Shift – 6 AM – Noon
3 Shift – Noon – 6 PM
4 Shift – 6 PM – Midnight


First NameLast NameSHIFTLocation
AdamHarrisWed/4Picket 3

**Adam would be expected to report every Wednesday at 6 PM at Ford Dr. – Gate 3 (Shipping Entrance) for the duration of the strike. **

Thanks for your co-operation in making this process a success and we apologize for any delays you may have experienced in getting this list finalized.