S.U.B Shortage- Update

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Brothers & Sisters,

Since first being made aware of the S.U.B shortage for pay period 21 that effected our members, the In-Plant Committee and the Union Benefits Office has been engaged in constant dialogue with the company.   We are working to ensure that all these pay issues are properly resolved, as not all pay shortages that our members experienced were the same.  Regardless of the reason for the pay shortage, any pay shortage is not acceptable and only made more difficult for our members with successive lay-off weeks. 

What has been done to this point:

  • Member received Holiday Pay and No S.U.B – We have been notified that this pay issue for most has been corrected or is in process of being corrected
  • Member entitled to SWW but did not receive – We have been notified that this pay issue has been corrected for members collecting SWW pp21 & pp22.  For those collecting SWW only for pp22 this pay correction is in process
  • Member received Holiday Pay and a reduced amount of S.U.B with total compensation for the week totaling less than 65% of his/her weekly straight time – There was a miscalculation of the EI allowable income, this pay issue is in process of being resolved.

Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plan


2.01 Regular Benefits

(a) The Regular Benefit payable to an eligible Employee for any Week shall be an amount which, when added to his/her Employment Insurance Benefit and Other Compensation, will equal 65% of his/her Weekly Straight Time Pay

The Leadership has conveyed the challenges that these pay shortages cause for our members and their families.  We will continue to work to ensure the company makes the appropriate corrections to our members pay and that they communicates their actions through a company robo call.

In Solidarity

Unifor Local 707 – In-Plant Committee