Unifor Local 707 Leadec Members Strike Mandate Vote

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UPDATE as of September 22, 2021:For those who are entering the union hall for the strike mandate vote, please see attachment below. If you do not have proof of double vaccination or medical exemption document from a physician or nurse, accommodations will be made to enable every member the opportunity to vote. Please remember that the rules are now Provincial law and we are required to see proof of vaccination prior to admitting anyone into the hall for any meeting. The fines for someone entering a facility covered under the guidelines start at $750. The fine for the establishment that knowingly allows someone in without proof of vaccination begin at $1000 and can increase incrementally until reaching maximum fine of $500,000. The Local Union will be diligent in checking all who enter. We understand that this is not ideal for all of our members and we appreciate your cooperation during this time of uncertainty and we ask that you do not take your concerns out on those checking status as it is not the choice of the member or the local union that make the law – It is that of the Provincial Government and Public Health. Until further notice, we will be following the guidelines put in place by said levels of Government.

We appreciate the efforts that members have made to get vaccinated and we also understand that not everyone will choose to get a vaccination and respect your decisions to either get or not get the vaccination but we will be following the guidelines laid out below until further notice

Dave MillarFuad Hassan Kunal Ahluwalia
Vice PresidentUnifor 707 Leadec Chairperson #2 Shift Committeeperson
Fuad Hassan