Over 1 Million Visits to our Website

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On July 17, 2020 , we launched our new and improved website. With a steady increase in postings – we have seen a steady increase in visits to the site.

On June 25, 2021, we surpassed the 1,000,000 visit mark and we continue to grow. We currently have over 400 members actively signed up for our email service and we have not even begun to use it as of yet.

With the increase in use of technology, we have found a way to get the message out to the membership sooner and more direct. Media outlets have reached out to us to inquire about things we now post. The company’s that our members work for all see what we post as well and believe us when we tell you that they are paying attention to our messaging.

Do we have room to grow? Absolutely!

With your participation and continued involvement – we will continue to grow our web page over the next year. Our 707 Reporter is a valuable tool to get information out to our members but we are finding that if we want a message to be delivered in real time – we will utilize our website to get it out as soon as need be.

Be an active part in your union. Get involved. Stay active.

With upcoming nominations for in-plant positions as well as for Local 707 Standing Committee positions there is room for all to get involved.

Looking forward to working together to build a better local union.

In Solidarity.