Unifor Local 707 President’s Report Report- May 11 2021

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Brothers and Sisters,

General Membership Meetings and Retiree Chapter Meetings

Recently, a few members and retiree’s have asked about when we might resume our Local 707 Geneeral Memebership Meetings and our Retiree Chapter meetings?

Unfortunately, at this time the answer is still dependent on the pandemic and when restrictions are lifted by the Halton Public Health Unit.

Being without our in-person Membership & Chapter meetings, for the last year has been difficult on everyone, leadership included. However, it has been especially challeging for our Retiree’s who each month use these meetings catch up with friends, and share a laugh or recent struggles. I also know active members are missing oppurtunities to interact and actively participate in many of our local standing committees, that make an positive impact on our communities and social connections.

While technology and social media platforms are important methods of communication in todays world, especially during this pandemic, they can not replace our in person General Membership Meetings and the need for Union participation or activism that comes from gathering at our Local Union hall. Our General Membership meetings provide a secure positive environment where any members can engage, share ideas with leadership and standing committees that they may not be able to do in a social media platform, as some feelings cannot be expressed in mere words; they require actions to speak for them. As I believe you can only learn about a person’s true character by observing their behavior towards others.

As a President, I would like nothing more than to hold an in person General Membership Meetings and Retiree Chapter Meetings, and will endeavor to do so once restrictions are lifted. 

In the absence of such General Membership meetings and in accordance with our Bylaws, the Executive Board continues to carry on necessary business with transparency and always putting the needs of the membership first. For the most part this has included maintaining the Union Hall and involvement with Unifor Events, Food Drives and other community programs.

We will continue to keep the membership informed of events and lay-offs with regular posts to our website, our 707 Reporter and your leadership continues to be available through email, phone or in person for individual needs.

We are currently exploring other means of communication such as video webinars. During this pandemic we continue to adopt new technologies through our Union1 platform and endeavor to continue to do so long as it benefits that of the membership of Local 707 and the principals we value.

In Solidarity,

Mark Sciberras

President, Unifor Local 707