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Sisters and Brothers,

We have had quite a few requests over the years for our local union to have “our own union email addresses” and we are happy to announce that they are now available for all active members. Your personal email address has been set up and is ready for you to activate. At the top of the home page, we have a row that shows “home, news, about, service reps, skilled trades”, etc… and at the end before the magnifying glass to search with you will now see “Member Hub” .

This has been in the works for some time and with the use of the Member Portal, we will be able to send you information direct to your phones to deliver important information from your union leadership. Retirees can request an email address for themselves early in the New Year.

You can download the UnionHub app by looking it up in the app store or Android store or you can go to the icon in the bottom left to take you right to it from our web page. Download it! Before you can utilize the app, you must sign up first through the website. Sign up!

The local union has made available 1000 long sleeve union Tshirts that will be given to the first 1000 members who sign up for their union email address. It is easy to do and if you have any issues, there is someone available to help guide you through the process at Union1 through the support@707member.ca email address.

Union1 is a technology company that is here in the GTA and is 100% unionized members who have been working hard to get what we asked for ready for our members. The members who are working for Union1 are proud CUPE members and have become a part of the 707 family indirectly.

This process may experience some hiccups over the next few weeks as we are going in to a lockdown period across the province once again, however, we expect all glitches to be dealt with in a timely manner.

So for all of those members who have experienced issues sending mail to other members, other members of leadership and want to keep their information out of using company issued email addresses, the time has come for you to sign up and start using your local union email address for your union needs.

Looking forward to getting all of our members into the 21st century and making communication more readily available. The possibility to have phone banks set up where the local can email or text you information that is important or even send out a voice communication to you is here. The opportunity to have secure video messages that will not be able to be seen on our public website but will be available through the portal is also going to be the way of the future. The future technology that we have all been awaiting is here and now ready for you to utilize.

Please keep this as a respectful tool. Any reports or concerns sent to the admins will be dealt with by removing or cancelling your account. We work in an environment where we are expected to treat each other with respect and to look out for our brothers and sisters who we interact with on a day to day basis – let’s keep that in mind when we deal with one another in this forum as well. Online harassment or bullying will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form.

We do hope that you enjoy the new tool that we have made available to you. Many may find that there is not enough information at first for all to see and utilize – be patient. This does not mean that we skip dealing with each other. Yes, you may be able to communicate easier with your Rep(s) but keep in mind that face to face communication is always better than reading a text and losing the context.

Sign up today and get your new Union email and tshirt! Looking forward to your feedback in the New Year.

PLEASE REMEMBER : Your Connect ID is always Unifor707 and your login is your firstname.lastname@707member.ca

UPDATE: Some people are having trouble signing in. There is an email address for you to send your concerns to: support@707member.ca

It could be that your name in the database is David and you are trying to use Dave (sorry if any Dave’s think I am picking on you, I was just using my own name as reference). The support email can help you out. If you need assistance on anything and support is not getting back to you right away, contact me personally at vp1@uniforlocal707.ca and I will do my best to get you started.

On behalf of your Executive Board,

Dave Millar

Vice President

Unifor Local 707