United Way Bell Ringing

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2020-Unifor Local 707 -United Way Canvassing Team

The 2020 OAC United Way campaign has been completed and I am pleased to announce that under very challenging times OAC displayed their generosity by raising a Grand Total thus far of $359,518.00

A huge Thankyou goes out to the membership of local 707 for recognizing the need in their communities; this year more than any other in the history of our local.

Thankyou to the canvassing team 

Laura Panther 

Ken Small

Chris Herbst

Maiken Griffin

Constance Brown

Michelle Taylor

Fred Otterstein 

Luke Alphonso

Zack Lascelle 

Francis Katotikidis

Cyndy Anderson 

This amazing team went on the floor each and everyday despite COVID-19 challenges and spoke to the membership .

Not an easy task though barriers at the Picnic tables and wearing both masks and shields. 

Your ongoing generosity and contributions help support 64 agencies and 128 programs in Halton&Hamilton.

Once again Thankyou , Stay Safe and Happy Holidays

Shauna Thorne-Zarin 

United Way Hourly Campaign Coordinator 

Thank You