In-Plant Committee- October 26, 2020- Communication Regarding Posting Procedure

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Brothers & Sisters,

The Company is currently in the process of starting a rebalance because we are no longer producing Australian, New Zealand, China and EU Diesel units. 

In a effort to limit the negative effect that rebalances have on our membership, we will be changing our regular job posting cadence for the next two rounds of posting.  Open jobs in classifications that are currently not expected to be negatively impacted by the rebalance will be posted in accordance with our contractual job posting procedure. 

Jobs will first be posted on Tuesday October 27th to Tuesday November 3rd.  Then our second round of postings will be posted on Thursday November 5th to Thursday November 12th.

Our membership has had many members retire over the last few months creating openings in classifications that will not be impacted by the rebalance.  We are hopeful that by making this adjustment to our posting procedure over the next two job posting rounds it will help limit the members who will be impacted by the upcoming rebalance.

In Solidarity

In-Plant Committee