Vice Presidents Report-May 28, 2020

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Dave Millar (002)
Dave Millar, Vice-President, Local 707

Welcome Back 707 members,

Special thanks to our Local 707 Leadec, and Ford Skilled Trades members who worked diligently to ensure a safe workplace fir your return.

As we near the end of the first week back of production on a one shift operation, we have seen many changes that are bound to remain for the foreseeable future. We all appreciate the efforts made by our membership to ensure a safe workplace for everyone.

Additionally, I would like to welcome the 72 new Leadec members to our Local. Many of the new Leadec members are in fact laid off members from our Ford unit. President, Mark Sciberras and I are happy to have been able to work with Leadec to ensure some of our laid off members had the opportunity to work during their indefinite layoff from Ford.

One issue that has been brought to my attention by Leadec is that many documents have yet to be filled in or handed in to the company to ensure that they get paid properly. A copy of your SIN (Social Insurance Number) must be presented to ensure that the number you provide is yours. A copy of the card or tax return with your number seems to be missing from many members. Please provide this to the company as soon as possible, if you wish to get paid in a timely manner. You will not get paid without providing the proper documentation. Other mandatory forms are still needed from many members as well. If you are, or work with one of these members, please ensure you or your co-worker provide the proper documentation promptly.

Fuad Hassan (Leadec Chairperson) and I have been communicating with upper management at Leadec to ensure our members are being paid properly. They advised us of the missing documentation of many of our members. Along with Kunal Ahluwalia (#2 Shift Steward), Stewart Miller (#3 Shift Steward) and Scott Shappit (#1 Shift Steward) we are all here to help with your concerns about the collective bargaining agreement between Unifor Local 707 and Leadec. The agreement is available on our web page for reference. Please also go through the proper chain of command with your concerns as well. The Steward is your #1 point of reference for any and all concerns. If the Steward is unable to provide you with an answer and you wish to pursue your concern, Fuad Hassan, your Chairperson is your next point of contact. If you are terminated or unable to address your concerns with the Chairperson, he will advise me that you are looking to see me. Remember to utilize the resources you have at your disposal before going to the next level. This goes for ALL members from Leadec. Kunal, Stewart, Scott, Fuad and myself are all here to help you. It is the company’s responsibility to hire, terminate, discipline, pay and provide a safe workplace for all our members. We as leadership are here to fight for you when the collective agreement is not followed, however for this to be effective structure needs to be followed.

I hope everyone had a safe first week back. Like you, I am want to see the end of Covid-19 so we can get back to our normal activities, however the reality is that this is the new normal for the time being. Be safe and look out for one another.

In Solidarity,

Dave Millar

Vice President, Unifor Local 707

Phone# 905-844-6431 |  Email: