Local Master Bargining Committee UPDATE- April 27th- Health & Safety, Return to Work and O.A.C Facebook page

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Health and Safety & Return to work

Over the last few weeks Ford has been working with Unifor to establish Health & Safety protocols for all its Canadian facilities. In preparation for the eventual restart of production at Oakville Assembly Complex, your Local Union Leadership In-Plant Committee and Safety Representatives have also been in ongoing meetings and discussions with local management in Oakville.  The top priority of your Leadership is to ensure a safe return to the workplace.  To this point we are thankful that there have been no reports of any Unifor Local 707 member contracting Covid-19. We are working through an extensive list of issues that need to be addressed to ensure that proper protocols and practices will be put in place within our facility, prior to our membership returning.   As most will expect, there will be changes to our regular routines in the workplace.  We have all experienced many changes in our day-to-day routines from how we get groceries, curb side pickups at the big box stores and the extra care taken for personal hygiene and sanitizing of our personal space.  The discussions that we in the Union Leadership have had regarding the return to work for our members have been focused on how to keep people safe in this new world we are living in.

Company-Oakville Assembly Complex- Facebook Page

In an effort to communicate lay-offs, Health & Safety measures and when we may return to work, the Company has decided to create an Oakville Assembly Complex -Facebook page. Their Facebook page is purely a company effort and while we will not discourage any member from visiting this Facebook site, as they may have important and valuable information to share. We will recommend that you use this as a read only Facebook site, for your own protection!

As this site is a company posting, and may be considered an extension of the company, therefore members may be subject to discipline for what the company determines inappropriate comments or pictures on their site.

In Solidarity,

Mark Sciberras                                      Bob Scott                                               Marc Brennan

President                                         OAC Plant Chairperson                 Unifor, Vice Chairperson

Unifor Local 707                                  Unifor Local 707                  Ford Bargaining Committee

Darrin Caerels

Skilled Trade Chairperson

Unifor Local 707